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Lancaster Monday 27th March 2017

Posted Tuesday, 28 March 2017, 11.12am

Cast Tups sell to £154 and Sheep with Lambs at Foot to £188

Prime Hoggs

A few more hoggs in the market in which more could have easily been sold and to the advantage of the vendor. As seen nationwide hogg trade continues to improve with all eagerly bid for today.

Top price today was £88 for 61kg Suffolks from G Riley of Bolton-le-Sands. Mules sold to a top of £80 from WI & AM Atkinson of Holme House Farm with Horned Sheep selling to a top of £75.50 for Swales from AG Butler of Park Farm Barn.
An overall market average of 175p/kg was achieved with Hoggs weighing between 39-45kg averaging 182p/kg and topping at 198p/kg.

Cast Sheep

The strong cast sheep trade continues with plenty of satisfied vendors today. Texel cast tups from RI Wilson of Scotforth sold to £154, the highest cast price achieved at Lancaster for some time. Ewes sold to a top of £104 for Suffolks and Texel selling to £92 all from S Wilson & Son of Burrow Heights.

Strong continental and Suffolk ewes were easily passing the £90 mark and Mule ewes topped at £89 from J Lamb of Old Glasson with plenty of those stronger Mule ewes selling over £80 with all Mule ewes forward averaging £77. Only a few hill sheep in today saw Cheviot cross ewes sell to £77 from SE & J Gorst of Littledale.

Breeding Sheep

The largest entry of sheep with lambs at foot to date with 127 lives forward or 45 families. A totally different story to the previous weekend with the weather, glorious sunshine and the feeling of spring in the air was met by a strong trade throughout the sale.

Texel ewes with Texel twin lambs at foot sold to £188 twice from Peter Anderton of Scorton with others from the same home selling to £185. Bill Pinder of Newton in Bowland had two pens of Texel ewes with Texel twin lambs selling to £182. Aged mule ewes with continental twins from DC Miller of Cobble Hey sold to £178 and £175 and an overall market average of £57.91 a life was achieved.
85 families entered so far for next week’s sale please advised Ian of entries 07766521472

Top Prices

Prime Hoggs: SUFF: £88 Maddison Avenue; £83 Park Farm Barn. CHAR: £84 Park Farm Barn; £82 Walmsley Fold; £78.50 Hillam House Farm. TEX: £83 Hillam House Farm; £82.50 Old Woodhouse; £82.50 Park Farm Barn; £82 Throstle Grove. MULE: £80 Holme House Farm; £79.50 Hillam House Farm. CHEV: £78.50 Hillam House Farm; £62 Moss House Farm. DALES: £78 Holme House Farm. SWALE: £75.50 Park Farm Barn. SCOT: £72.50 Tarnwater Farm.

Cast Ewes: TEX: £154 Ashford Close; £92 Burrow Heights Farm; £90 Stanley Farm. SUFF: £104 Burrow Heights Farm; £82 Maddison Avenue. MULE: £89 Old Glasson; £87 Burrow Heights Farm; £83 Stanley Farm; £81 Ashford Close. BEL: £62 Farleton House. SCOT: £43 Farleton House.

Shearlings with Lambs at Foot: TEX: £175 Wyre Farm; £128 Curlew Farm.
Ewes with Lambs at Foot: TEX: £188 Wyre Farm; £182 Longstripes Farm; £152 Curlew Farm. SUFF: £180 Wyre Farm. MULE: £178 Cobble Hey Farm. CONT: £150 Longstripes Farm.

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