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J36 Tuesday 7th March 2017

Posted Tuesday, 07 March 2017, 5.05pm

Prime Hoggs

There was a nice trade for Prime Hoggs at the weekly sale at J36 with an SQQ average of 170p/kg achieved.

Topping the sale at 228.6p/kg was a pen of Beltex x Hoggs from JG Harryman, The Galleon, the leading price of the day was £96 which was also achieved by JG Harryman. KJ Knight of Little Guards sold an excellent consignment of 50 Beltex x Hoggs to average £88.

A Large entry of hill bred hoggs in the market this afternoon saw Mule Hoggs sell to £79.50 and £78.50 from Redmayne Brothers with Cheviot Hoggs sold to £78.50 from S & M Cooper, Tarnside. Horned hogs topped at £77.50 for Scotch Hoggs from S & M Cooper. Rough Fell Hoggs sold to a top of £74 from J Hunter of Galloper Park, who also had Swaledales sell to £72.

Cast Sheep

There was 280 Cast Sheep forward selling to a very sharp trade with all buyers eager to purchase all types.

Strong continental ewes were eagerly bid for today selling in the region of £95+ and topping at £101 from DW Parsons, Highfield for Texel Ewes. Mule Ewes sold to a strong trade with big Mules regularly selling into the eighties topping at £85 from JG & BJ Escolme, Low Stanger Thwaite.

Horned Ewes were a sharper trade with Rough Fell Ewes topping at £71 from JE Read, Mealrigg with Swaledale ewes selling to a top of £59 from GR Park & Sons, Low Deepslack.

A large number of Cast tups in the market sold to a strong trade, topping at £119 for a Charollais from DW & NM Alderson, High Green.

Top Prices

Prime Lambs: Bel £96 The Galleon, £93 Mansrigg Hall, £90, £88.50, £86.50 Little Guards. Tex £91.50 Millom Castle, £90 The Coach House, £87 Millom Castle, £86 North Farm, £85.50 Holmes Head Farm. Char 87.50, £84.50 North Farm, £84 Brow Head, £70 Bouthwaite Farm, £60 Longmire Farm. Cont £85, £83.50 North Farm, £67.50 Moss House Farm. Suff £83.50 Mansrigg Hall, £81 The Barn, Mansrigg Hall, £79.50 Mealrigg. Mule £79.50, £78.50 Lower House Farm, £78 Matson Farm, £77 The Borrans, £74.50 Matson Farm. BFL £79 Farm Cottage. Chev £78.50 Tarnside, £75 Brow Head, £67 Red Lodge, £64, £63.50 High Arnside Farm. Sco £77.50 Tarnside Farm. Rough £74 Galloper Park. Mash £72 Marsh Grange Farm. Swale £72 Galloper Park, £70.50 The Borrans, £64.50 Rydal Farm, £63.50 Tilberthwaite, £62.50 Jacques Farm House. Horned £70 High Salter. Herd £67 Rydal Farm, £56 Brow Head, £49.50 Cockley Beck.

Cast Ewes: Tex £101 Highfield, £97 The Barn, £95 Bank House Farm, £94 Low Tarn Green. Char £95 High Green, £94 Bank House Farm, £91 Gilpin Farm. Suff £95 The Barn, £91 Gilpin Farm, £86, £76 Ninezergh, £75 Brow Head. BFL £90, £85 Sykes Farm, £59 Woodside. Bel £86, £66 Farleton House. Mule £85 Low Stanger Thwiate, £84 Grate Farm, £78 Brow Head, £76 Gilpin Farm, £75 Bank House Farm. Chev £85 Beckfoot Farm Cottage, £81 Low Tarn Green, £69 Bank House Farm, £68 Ghyll Farm, £67 Underley Estate Office. Zwart £82 Crook Hall Farm. Rough £71 Mealrigg, £60 Johnscales Farm, £53 Woodside, £51 High Borrowbridge. Goat £65 Johnscales Farm. Dors £61 Brow Head. Swale £59 Low Deepslack, £58 Sykes Farm, £54 Well Foot, £53 Gilpin Farm, £50 Matson Farm. Cont £54 Woodside. Herd £50 Rydal Farm.

Cast Rams: Char £119, £94 High Green, £89 Broad Oak, £85 High Green, £82 Poole Bank Farm. Tex £107 Highfield, £87 Ninezergh, £83 Millness Hall, Tilberthwaite. Zwart £85 Crook Hall Farm. BFL £74 High Green. Herd £70 The Galleon. Swale £60 High Green.

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