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J36 Tuesday 28th March 2017

Posted Wednesday, 29 March 2017, 10.20am

Prime Hoggs

A small entry of prime pigs today as many people are busy lambing and more could have very easily of been sold to the advantage of the vendors. The trade topped at £132 a head or 143p/kg from John Stott of Crosscrake with all pigs forward selling to a market average of £120 or 134p/kg.

Breeding Sheep

There largest entry of sheep with lambs foot so far this season at J36 today and there was plenty interest following a good weekend of weather. The trade topped at £182 from John Young of Lindale with Continental ewes with twin lambs at foot. Correct Mule ewes suckling twins sold to £180 from E Parker of Cragg Bank with Cheviot Mule ewes and Texel twins selling to the same price from the same home. Broken mouthed Mule ewes with young Texel twins sold to £152 from D, J & A Freeman of Troutbeck.

Prime Hoggs

A smaller entry of hoggs this week saw more of an end of season cleaning up sale with a very mixed entry in terms of quality. Those well finished hoggs within specification were very easy sell with plenty of demand with hoggs weighing between 39kg and 45kg selling to a market average of 187p/kg and an SQQ average of 184p/kg and overall market average of 180p/kg were achieved. The trade topped at £96.50 or 235p/kg from George Harryman of Hawkshead with a Texel Hogg weighing 41kg. Herdwicks sold to a top of £85 from Hodgson Brothers of Rydal with Scottish Blackfaced hoggs selling to £86 from BR Butterfield of Burton in Kendal.

Cast Sheep

There was a larger entry of cast sheep forward this week with 350 going under the gavel. A sharper trade has been seen nationwide for ewes and J36 is certainly no different today. The trade topped at £129 for Texel ewes from J Fell of Old Hutton with others selling to £120 from TE & S Ridding of Ivy Cottage. Cast tups topped at £115 for Suffolks from H Halhead & Son of Nether Kellett. Plenty of strong Continental and Suffolk ewes selling between £100 and £110 mark. Mule ewes sold to a top of £94 from H Halhead & Son of Nether Kellett with the biggest Mule ewes selling over £90 and plenty of powerful Mule ewes selling in the eighties. Horned ewes sold to a top of £83 for Rough Fells from HR & KA Hodgson of Howriggs. Plenty of demand for ewes at the moment with vendors urged to take advantage of this trade and round up your cast sheep.

Top Prices

Prime Lambs: Tex £96.50 The Galleon, £95 Orchard Barn, £94 Ashtree Cottage, £93.50 Low Chapel Farm, £93 Broomfield. Char £92, £88.50 Red Scar, £84.50 Kendal House Farm, £83.50 High Greenside, £80.50 Charley Crag Farmhouse. Chev £90.50 Greenhills Farm, £89 Howriggs, £88.50 Crooklands Farm, £87.50 Hartrigg, £86.50 Greenhills Farm. Tees £89 Murthwaite. Suff £88.50 Netherhoues Farm, £80 Topthorn Farm, £78 Broomfield, Beaumont Gate, Kendal House Farm. Sco £86 Moss House Farm, £81.50, £75 Greenhills Farm, £61 Moss House Farm. Herd £85, £75 Rydal Farm, £69, £68, £67.50 Hartsop Hall. Mule £84 Murthwaite, £83.50 Red Scar, £82.50 Low Longmire, £80 Wads Howe, £79.50 Broomfield. BFL £78.50 Red Scar. Swale £78 Greenhills Farm, Moss Howe Farm, £74.50 Hartrigg, £74 Rydal Farm. Cont £75.50 Moss House Farm, £72 Broomfield, £71.50 Black Bull Farm. Horned £75 Hartsop, £70 Moss House Farm.

Cast Ewes: Tex £129 Wreay Syke, £105 Storth End Fram, Orchard Barn, Low Chapel Farm, £100 Hawkrigg End. Bel £120 Ivy Cottage. Suff £108 Lundholme Farm, £95 Meadow Oaks, £88 High Tenement Farm, £84 Hill Farm, £75 Abbey Drive. Cont £95, £85, £80 Ivy Cottage. Mule £94 Lawsons Farm, £92 Hill Farm, £90 Hawkrigg End, £89 High House Farm, £88 Storth End Farm. Chev £94 Green Lane End Farm, £82 Ivy Cottage. BFL £91 Murthwaite, £89, £78 Moss Howe Farm. Rough £83 Howriggs, £71 Hole House, £60 Lundholme Farm, High Swinklebank Farm. Char £80 Claife Ave. Mash £76 High Swinklebank, £75 Lundholme Farm. Sco £58, £50 Low Garths.

Cast Rams: Suff £115 Lawsons Farm, £101 Netherhouses Farm, £85 Abbey Drive. Chev £107 Howriggs, £88 Low Mill House. Hamp £101 Endmoor Farm. Char £101 Middlebarrow, £87 Dubside. Tex £90 Low Garths Farm, £70 Ullathorns, £65 Low Garths Farm. Bel £87 Lundholme Farm. Cont £80 Abbey Drive.

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