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J36 Spring Show of Suckler Cattle - Thursday 16th March

Posted Thursday, 16 March 2017, 10.23am

The fortnightly sale of Store Cattle at J36 had a fantastic catalogued entry of 336 Store Cattle. Today’s sale also included a special spring show of suckler cattle under the age of 12 months. There was an excellent show of cattle put before Judge Mr Andrew Dyson. Our champion today was consigned by RH & C Ayrton Ltd, Ouselthorn Farm, with a British Blue bullock with tremendous shape and stature making £1,200. Reserve was also consigned by RH Ayrton with another superb bullock with both lots bought by the judge. There was a tremendous show of cattle out for judging and all vendors should be congratulated. We would also like to express our thanks to our judge for giving up his time and to the Rural Law Practice Thomson Hayton Winkley for kindly sponsoring today’s show.

A strong cattle trade was seen throughout the sale for the entry of cattle forward. All types of bullocks are still in strong demand and eagerly bid for selling to a top of £1270 for Limousin bullocks from J & ME Bateman of Lowgill with Limousin heifers selling to £1220 from JA Chapman of North Lodge. Plenty of yearling shapely bullocks were selling between £900 and £1000 with better types easily selling in excess of the £1,000 barrier.

Show Results


Mr A Dyson, Bedale


Rural Law Practice Thomson Hayton Winkley

Class one: Suckler Bullock
1st Lot 291 RH & C Ayrton Ltd, Ouzlethorn
2nd Lot 290 RH & C Ayrton Ltd, Ouzlethorn
3rd Lot 372 NA & J Temple, Black Hall Farm

Class two: Suckler Heifer
1st Lot 73 PW Clarke, Woodside
2nd Lot 373 NA & J Temple, Black Hall Farm
3rd Lot 74 PW Clarke, Woodside

Class three: Suckler Bull
1st Lot 109 K Thomas, Hill Top Farm
2nd Lot 111 K Thomas, Hill Top Farm
3rd Lot 75 PW Clarke, Woodside

Lot 291 RH & C Ayrton, Ouzlethorn

Reserve Champion
Lot 290 RH & C Ayrton, Ouzlethorn


The weekly sale of calves which included the fortnightly sale of stirks had an entry of 60 forward. Calves sold to a top of £380 for a Limousin bull from JS & KM Wilson of High House with British Blue bulls from the same home selling to £335. There was a larger entry of beef calves this week than seen for a while.

A bigger number of stirks in the market saw five month old Simmental bullocks sell to £550 from John Longworth of Dunnerdale with Hereford bullocks of a similar age sell to £460 from E & SM Halpin of Rakesmoor Farm. A consignment of Black and white steers from Sam Wigglesworth of Carnforth sold to £400 and £370 with plenty of interest in stirks as turning out time creeps ever nearer.

OTM Cattle

A few less cast cows in the market today which is a shame as many more could have easily been sold to the advantage of the vendor. Heifers topped at 164.5p/kg for Limousins from WH Kitching and Son of Hawes Farm. A good number of beef cows forward sold to 159.5p/kg from N Cooper and Son of Troughton Hall. Frisian cows sold to 121.5p/kg from WR Clarke and Partners of Cinder barrow.

Top Prices

Bull Calf: Lim £380 High House, £270, £250 Halforth Farm, £205 Cinder Barrow. Brb £335, £330 High House, £310 Birds Park Farm, £250 College Green. Here £180 Mount Pleasant, £160 Cinder Barrow. FKV £145, £138, £115 Far Audlands. Fri £80, £72, £48 College Green, £42 Townhead Farm.
Heifer Calf: Brb £280 Birds Park Farm, £270 Ravens Lodge, £260 Birds Park Farm, £215, £180 College Green. Lim £245, £240 Halforth Farm, £220 Strickley.
Bull Stirk: Sim £550 Sella Farm. Fri £400, £370 King Street, £230 Burneside Hall.
Heifer Stirk: Here £290 Rakesmoor Farm.
Bullock Stirk: Here £460, £400, £370 Rakesmoor Farm.

OTM Cow: Lim 159.5 Troughton Hall, 147.5 Hawes Farm, 144.5 Troughton Hall, 134.5 Scale Hook Farm. Fri 121.5, 119.5 Cinder Barrow, 104.5 Troughton Hall, 91.5 Hollins Farm, 89.5 Natland Park Farm. Ang 119.5 Crosscrake Farm. Sho 111.5, 107.5 Strickey. Ayr 107.5, 104.5, 87.5, 81.5 Sunny Bank BB 104.5, 97.5 Scale Hook Farm.
OTM Heifer: Lim 164.5 Hawes Farm. Brb 149.5 High Biggarsbank.
Cast Bull: Lim 124.5 Forest Hall.

Store Bullock: Lim £1270 Lowgill, £1130 Arklid, £1090 Ben Cragg, £1070 Thrang, £1060 Whinney Garth. Brb £1200, £1030 Ouzlethorn, £1000 Black Hall Farm, £860 Yates Farm. Char £1090, £1070 Bandrake Head, £1060 Skelwith Fold Farm, £1050 Thrang, £1040 Hartrigg. Blo £1050, £940 Causeway Farm, £930 Steps Farm, £860 Granby Road, £850 Steps Farm. Here £950 Thrang, £640 Whinney Garth. Sim £910 Anysome Croft. Fri £830 Longlands, £520 Elm Tree Farm. Ang £820 Oxen Park Farm, £800 Bowston Hall, £670 Low Stennerley. Sho £720 Whinney Garth, £700 Broad Oak, Whinney Garth, £620 Broad Oak.
Store Heifer: Lim £1220 North Lodge, £1150 Lowgill, £1040 North Lodge, Lowgill Farm, £1010 North Lodge. Char £990, £920, £900 Bandrake Head, £860, £830 Thrang. Sim £920 Bandrake Head, £770 Aynsome Croft. Brb £870 Woodside Farm, £840 Challon Hall, £810 Hawkrigg Farm, £710, £660 Thrang. Ang £850, £760, £620 Thrang. Here £700 Thrang. Con £640, £580 Bowston Hall. Sho £600 Whinney Garth, £570 Broad Oak.
Store Bull: Lim £1010, £1000, £960 Hill Top Farm, £630 Long Green Head. Brb £860 Woodside. Sim £600 Marsh House Farm. Con £580 Howe Farm.


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