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J36 Tuesday 28th February 2017

Posted Tuesday, 28 February 2017, 5.49pm

Prime Pigs

There was certainly plenty of interest in prime pigs today at J36 for the fortnightly sale. An entry 19 forward sold to a very pleasing trade topping at £115 or 151p/kg from NJ Wilkinson of Roosecote for Pietrain for both gilts and boars.

An overall market average of 124p/kg with prime pigs weighing between 80kg and 100kg in the strongest demand.

Prime Hoggs

There was a strong trade for prime hoggs at the weekly sale with an SQQ average of 169p/kg for an entry of over 1,000 forward, in which more could have easily of been sold.

Export type hoggs were in strong demand and in short supply, selling to a top of 226p/kg from Fishwick Farms of Silverdale with plenty of export types selling in the region of 200p/kg to 220p/kg. Beltex hoggs sold to a top of £110 from J Woodburn and Partners of Ulverston with plenty of better bred heavy weight and export types hoggs selling in the late eighties and into the nineties. All Beltex hoggs forward sold to a market average of £88.50 or 204p/kg.

A larger entry of hill bred hoggs in the market saw well fleshed hill hoggs, which have been on troughs, in strong demand and good too sell with buyers being slightly cautious of grass fed hoggs. Mule hoggs sold to £85 and £80 from TE, JS & SA Carruthers of Underbarrow with Cheviot hoggs selling to £82.50 and £80.50 from S & M Cooper of Leece. Herdwick hoggs sold to a top of £76.50 from Messrs Hodgson Brothers of Rydal with Swaledale hoggs topping at £74.50 from M & L Preece of Kirkby Lonsadale.

Cast Sheep

There was the smallest entry of cast sheep forward for some time at J36 with just short of 250 forward, but they sold to a very competitive trade with all buyers eager to purchase all types of sheep.

Strong continental and Suffolk ewes, once again, very good to sell and in short supply, selling in the region £100 and topping at £109 from PK & R Woof of Stainton for Texel ewes. There is a requirement for more big continental ewes each week.

Mule ewes sold to a strong trade with big Mule ewes regularly selling into the seventies topping at £77 from TW Nelson & Son of Cockrigg Farm with all Mule ewes forward selling to an average of £67.22. Horned ewes were briskly bid for with Rough Fell ewes selling to a top of £69 from AJ & CM Harrison of Boundary Beck with Swaledale ewes selling to a top of £59 from AW & AM Clarke of Low Longmire, strong horned ewes were selling in the region of £50.

A large number of cast tups in the market continue to be eagerly sought after with vendors urged to forward any un-wanted tups. The trade saw Texels tups sell to £97 with all Texels averaging £86. Swaledale tups sold to £70 and Herdwick to £54 and £53.

A few cast goats in the market sold to a very strong demand topping at £66, more are needed week on week to fulfil an ever growing market.

Top Prices

Prime Lambs: Bel £110 Mansrigg Hall, £93 Bank House Farm, £90, £88.50, £87.50 Holmefield. Tex £95 Millom Castle, £94.50 Little Guards, £93.50 Holme Field, £92 Bank House Farm, £90.50 Red Scar. Suff £87.50 Bank House Farm, £83.50 North Farm, £81 High House Farm, £80 Brow Head, £79.50 Chapel House. Mule £85 Red Scar, £80 Tarnside Farm, Red Scar, £79 The Borrans, £77.50 Braida Garth. Char £84 Warth Sutton Farm, £83.50 Lane House, £73 Charley Crag Farmhouse, £72.50 Lane House, £72 Burnt House. Chev £82.50, £80.50, £80 Tarnside Farm, £74 Tilberthwaite, £68 Crooklands Farm. Horned £79 Cockrigg Farm. Herd £76.50 Rydal Farm, £74 Tongue House Farm, £54 High Biggarsbank, £43 Tongue House Farm. Swale £74.50 High House Farm, £70.50 Tilberthwaite, £69.50 Rydal Farm, £68.50 Low Longmire, £68 Ashstead. BFL £74 Yoad Pot, £70 Brown Edge, Moss Howe Farm, £64 Brown Edge. Rough £68.50 Boundary Beck, £60 Croft Foot Farm. Sco £62, £60 Slack Farm.

Cast Ewes: Tex £109 Storth End Farm, £105 Johnscales Farm, £91 Mansrigg Hall, £85 Johnscales Farm, £84 Mansrigg Hall. Char £100 Brown Edge. Suff £98 Ackenthwaite Farm, £93 Mansrigg Hall, £90 Cracalt Farm, £87 Ackenthwaite Farm. Bel £93, £63 Croft Barn. BFL £88 Brown Edge, £78 Oak Tree Farm, £52 High Borrowbridge, £51 Boundary Beck. Mule £77 Cockrigg Farm, Birds Park Farm, £76 High Wray Farm, £75 Johnscales Farm Dors £69 Beckside Barn. Rough £69 Boundary Beck, £59 Millriggs. Chev £66 Fox Howe, £65 Storth End Farm, £57 Mansrigg Hall. Goats £66, £58, £54 Warth Sutton Farm. Swale £59 Low Longmire, £51 High Salter, £50 Yoad Pot, £46 Low Deepslack, £45 Overthwaite.

Cast Rams: Tex £97 Low Chapel Farm, Mansrigg Hall, £66 Low Chapel Farm, £46 Mireside. Swale £70, £60 Middle Sadghyll, £46 High Borrowbridge, £40 Tongue House Farm. Grit £69 High Borrowbridge. Herd £54, £53 Tongue House Farm, £47, £42 Tilberthwaite.

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