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Lancaster Friday 6th January

Posted Friday, 06 January 2017, 8.30am


The opening sale of calves and stirks saw an entry of 70 forward selling to a continued strong trade at Lancaster with, once again, a busy ring of buyers present. Strong beef calves sold to a good trade with smaller young beef calves harder to place this week. The trade topped £425 for British Blue bull calves from AW & AM Park and Sons of Walker I’Th Fields. Plenty of strong British Blue beef bulls sold in excess of £350. Angus bull calves sold to a top of £345 from Wallbank Farms. A strong trade for heifer calves with breeding potential with a few men in the market today looking to purchase this type of cattle. Heifers sold to a top of £332 from JE & J Pye & Son of Gibsons Farm for British Blues.

As seen at local markets this week a sharper trade for rearing black and whites was enjoyed with them best types of rearers selling over £100 topping at £138 from Wallbank Farms.

Cast Cows

A larger entry of cast cows was expected today with 96 going under the gavel, in which more could easily been sold to the advantage of the vendor. Once again, a busy ring of buyers ensured all types of cows sold to a strong trade. An average of over 100p/kg for cast cows. Well fleshed better confirmation beef cows regularly selling beyond the 140p/kg mark topping at 149.5p/kg with black and whites also selling to this price as well. Plenty of good black and whites selling just shy of the 120p/kg mark.

There is still plenty of demand for over thirty month heifers at Lancaster with Limousin heifers selling to 194.5p/kg from JM & JJ Dawson of Field Head. Black and white OTM heifers sold to 174.5p/kg from JK & BJ Birkett of White Lund Farm.

Store Cattle

The opening sale of store cattle at Lancaster had a catalogued entry of over 200 forward with a strong trade from start to finish, with the last animal through the ring from DW & NM Alderson of High Green Farm making £1,400 for a Hereford bullock.

A great start to the year with a Charolais bullock from TN Pye and Partners of Langthwaite Farm selling to £1,480. Plenty of strong short term cattle selling in excess of £1,200 and £1,300. Smaller cattle also selling to a continue trade at Lancaster with buyers in the market to cater for all ages and types.

Top Prices

STORE BULLOCKS – CH: £1480 Langthwaite Heights; £1340 Millbeck; £1260 Brown Edge. HERE: £1400 High Green; £1140 New House Farm; £1100 Bouthwaite Farm. LIM: £1340 Millbeck; £1290 Dunningwell Farm; £1260 Fell End. BA: £1340 Millbeck. BRB: £1310 High Green; £1260 Bardup House Farm; £1250 Ellers Farm. AA: £1300 Newsham Hall Farm; £1280 Langthwaite Heights; £1240 Bardup House Farm. MON: £1260 High Green; £1160 Fanny House Farm; £1130 Underhelm Farm. PAR: £1230 Holmgarth. SRW: £1160 Fanny House Farm. SIM: £1140 Holmgarth. FKV: £1040 Carlingwha. FR: £1020 Fern Lea; £1000 Birks Farm; £970 Langthwaite Heights.
STORE HEIFERS – BRB: £1290 Dunningwell Farm; £1200 Pasture House Farm; £1110 Newsham Hall Farm. CH: £1290 Langthwaite Heights; £1040 Brown Edge. LIM: £1180 Field Head; £1110 Cragg Farm; £1110 New House Farm. AA: £1140 Forton Bank Farm; £1120 Windy Hill Farm; £1120 Newsham Hall Farm. HE: £1130 Newsham Hall Farm; £1060 Windy Hill Farm; £1000 New House Farm. SIM: £1090 Croppers Farm; £1080 Wyre Farm; £1020 Bouthwaite Farm. SHO: £860 Cobble Hey Farm.

HEIFER CALF – BRB: £332 Gibsons Farm; £315 Walkers I’th Fields; £300 Norbreck Farm. AA: £315 Tills Farm; £260 Forton Hall Farm. HE: £190 Sellerley Farm. SIM: £172 Sellerley Farm.
BULL CALF – BRB: £425 Walkers I’th Fields; £390 Blackleach House Farm; £380 Norbreck Farm. AA: £345 Tills Farm; £330 Walkers I’th Fields. HE: £340 Newhouse Farm. SIM: £335 Sellerley Farm. FR: £138 Tills Farm; £130 Park Lane Farm; £122 Tills Farm.

CAST COWS – LIM: 149.5 Causeway Farm. FR: 149.5 Holme House Farm; 119.5 Catshaw Hall Farm; 117.5 Raw Head. SHO: 124.5 Stirzaker House. MON: 124.5 Hawkin Hall. BRB: 119.5 Woodside Farm. NOR: 117.5 Hawkin Hall. SRW: 109.5 Newfield. FKV: 104.5 Hawkin Hall. AA: 94.5 Applegarth.
CAST HEIFERS – LIM: 194.5 Field Head; 169.5 The Hill AA: 184.5 Stirzaker House. BRB: 179.5 Green Close. MON: 179.5 Green Close. MON: 179.5 White Lund Farm. FR: 174.5 White Lund Farm; 149.5 West Hall; 119.5 Brown Brook.
CAST STEER – FR: 109.5 The Hill.
CAST BULL – FR: 89.5 Gowery Farm

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