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J36 - Thursday 18th August 2016

Posted Thursday, 18 August 2016, 2.05pm


The weekly sale of calves and stirks had a smaller entry this week of 50 with many vendors busy with the grass. Not as many top quality calves on offer at J36 as some weeks. Limousin bull calves sold to a top of £355 and heifers to £300, all from Pritt Bros of Millom. British Blue bull calves sold to £340 from ML & SM Dobson of Espford Farm, with the same good home selling Black and White calves to £150. Plenty of nice rearing black and whites between the £70 and £100.

A larger number of stirks in the market today saw Limousin steers sell to £620 from Pritt Bros of Millom. A run of weanlings from Mark Johns of Kirkby Stephen saw British Blue bulls sell to £400, Angus bulls to £340 and British Friesian Bulls sell to £235.

Top Prices:

Bull Calves: Lim: £355, £295 Middle Bank Farm. BrB: £340 Espford Farm. Fr: £150, £120 Espford Farm; £120, £108 Endmoor Farm. Ang: £100 Middle Bank Farm.

Heifer Calves: Lim: £300 Middle Bank Farm; £250, £200 Halforth Farm. BrB: £300, £255 Ravens Lodge; £255 Hollins Farm. Ang: £180 Elm Tree Farm.

Bull Stirks: BrB: £400 Selgin House. Ang: £340 Selgin House. Fr: £235 Selgin House.

Steer Stirks: Lim: £620, £470 Middle Bank Farm. Fr: £230 Selgin House; £190 Middle Bank Farm.


A smaller show of Cast Cows in today, due to the good weather and farmers taking silage and haylage off, making an overall average of 100.3p/kg

The top price was 141.5p for a red Lim Cow from P R Escolme, Audlands Park and also from B & H M Wilson, Ashstead Farm, both bought by John Bowling.

Top Prices:

Cast Cows: Lim: 141.5p Audlands Park, Ashstead; 115.5p Barkin House Barn. Fr: 125.5p, 113.5p Docker Hall Farm; 114p, 113.5p Tranthwaite Hall. BB: 119.5p Millbeck. BrB: 115.5p Spicegill Farm.

Cast Heifer: Fr: 117.5p Lane Ends Farm.


There was a smaller show of Store Cattle today. This was due to the great weather in the area with vendors taking advantage of it.

31 Cattle forward. All the cattle in today were under 16 months old.

The top price was £960 for a 15 month old Aberdeen Angus bullock from R R & M Bamber, Barkin House Barn, bought by Mark Thompson.

Top Prices:

Steers: Ang: £960, £890 Barkin House Barn. Lim: £950, £830 Old Croft. Here: £940, £830 Gowan Bank Farm.

Heifers: Lim: £960 Dee View; £930 Stockber; £890, £860 Troughton Hall. Sim: £790 Hope Stead. BrB: £790 Hope Stead.

Bulls: Lim: £910 Troughton Hall.

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