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J36 Tuesday 29th March 2016

Posted Tuesday, 29 March 2016, 4.30pm

The weekly sale of sheep with lambs at foot had a strong entry of over one hundred and fifty lives forward. The dreadful weather at the moment is making many buyers and potential buyers extremely cautious. Splitting families with old ewes and lambs continue to be in strong demand and easily sold, with young sheep and shearlings difficult to sell, as many buyers busy lambing and waiting on grass before entering the market. Aged Texel ewes with twin lambs sold to £170 from Tom Beaty of Troutbeck.

A smaller entry of hoggs forward sold to a better trade then expected with a market average of 185ppk with 39kg-45kg hoggs averaging 192ppk. Fed hogs and well finished hoggs continue to be good to sell with in specification continental hoggs regularly achieving 200ppk plus with better types achieving 220ppk. Heavy weight hoggs regularly selling around the one hundred pound mark topping at £106.50 from AW Crowe of Ashtree Cottage.

A good entry of 30 Spring Lambs forward at J36. More could easily have been sold, with a busy ringside of buyers and local butcher buyers looking to purchase spring lambs. A market average of 287ppk topping at 305ppk for a trio of Charollais lambs from JA & R Geldard & Son of Low Foulshaw. The trade was topped at £138 from AR Gray of Lanark with a Charollais lamb.

Trade for cull ewes at J36 this week was considerably sharper than the previous week, with the best ewes in excess of £120, with plenty of others over £100. Topping the sale was E & J Postlethwaite, Old Hutton, with a Texel ewe selling to £132, others to £130 from JR Wilson, Selside. Beltex from M E Wannop & Sons, Heaton to £131. Mules sold to a top of £93 from R Gibson & Son, Kendal and JN & DJ Bowes, Crook. Majority of Mules sold between £81-£88, with the best over £90, to average £81. Hill bred sheep saw Swales sell to £76 from DE & J Waine, Longsleddale. Best Swales over £55 and an average of £57.95. Roughs to £88 from CP Bateman, Docker, and Cheviots to £112 from AR & CA Fawcett, Gosforth. All ewes forward averaged £78.44.

SPRING LAMBS – Char: £138 & £132 Langside Farm; £135 & £131 Kingsland; £119 Low Foulshaw Farm

PRIME HOGGS – Texel: £106.50 Ashtree Cottage; £103.50 The Barn, Farleton House; £102 Mint Close; £101.50 Mansrigg Hall, Crosscrake Farm; £101 Beaumont Grange, Scroggs Farm; Tarnside Farm. Suff: £104.50 Nether House Farm; £101 Tarnside Farm; £98 Mansrigg Hall; £94 Main Street. Mule: £95 Crosscrake Farm; £91 Nether House Farm; £89 Braida Garth; £88 Brow Head. Swale: £78.50 Catshaw Hall; £75 Nether House Farm, High Loanthwaite; £70.50 Middale Farm. Rough Fell: £90 Tarnside Farm. Char: £100.50 The Barn. Chev: £96.50 Tarnside Farm; £77.50 Nibthwaite Grange; £65 Cuerdale Hall. Dales: £74 Middale Farm. Tees: £97 Murthwaite. Herdwick: High Loanthwaite. Lonk: £84.50 Higher Salter

CAST EWES – Texel: £132 Middleshaw Hall; £130 Cooper House; £121 Heaton Hall Farm; £120 Silverhow Farm; £119 Downlands Farm; £109 The Barn. Beltex: £131 Heaton Hall Farm. Dorset: £95 Silverhow Farm. Suff: £115 Ashstead; £60 Brow Head. Mule: £93 Low Brundrigg, Singleton Park; £92 Dale View; £90 Gaskell House, Low Chapel Farm, Borrans Farm, Downlands Farm; £89 Toadpool. Swale: £76 Murthwaite Farm; £75 Cooper House; £73 Ashstead. Rough Fell: £88 Croft Foot Farm; £68 Patton Mill. SBF: £69 Farleton House. Char: £105 Low House. Chev: £112 Silverhow Farm; £72 Green Lane End; £67 Hopes Hill; £65 Jackson Fold. Leicester: £102 Ashstead; £84 Murthwaite. Dales: £50 Fell End Farm. Herdwick: £58 Ashstead. Lonk: £78 Higher Salter.

CAST RAMS – Texel: £105 Low Chapel Farm. Tees: £101 Murthwaite. Swale: £56 Ashstead.

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