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J36 Thursday 31st March

Posted Thursday, 31 March 2016, 12.59pm

The weekly sale of calves and stirks had a smaller entry than expected with just 37 forward this week. Beef calves sold to £300 three times for British Blue bulls from DW Cottam of Hagg Farm and Limousin bull calves from Brian Wilson of Spout House. A selection of very young black and whites where eagerly bid for. A consignment of September born Limousin Heifer stirks from GJ & CA Penellum of Millom sold to £500.
Top Prices
Bull Calves – Fr: £32 Flodder Hall; £30 Halforth Farm, Bank View, Low Audlands, Toadpool, Townhead. Lim: £300 Spout House; £110 Halforth Farm. BRB: £300 Hagg Farm; £280 Hollins Farm; £260 Broomfield; £235 Townhead.
Heifers Calves – Lim: £130 Halforth Farm. BRB: £240 Cinder Barrow; £140 Helm Farm.
Heifer Stirks – Lim: £500 (x3) Swinside Farm.

Had 28 Cast Cows forward which included our first sale of TB Untested Cows and averaged 98.1p/kg.
Top Prices
Cast Cows - BRB: 139.5p/kg Cracalt Farm. Lim: 115.5p/kg Stribers Farm. Fr: 111.5p/kg Hagg Farm. HF: 109.5p/kg School Hill. BF: 107.5p/kg (x2) Moss House. Mont: 105.5p/kg Green Lane End.

Had a smaller show of 51 store cattle with a good ringside of buyers in today, more cattle could have been sold, cattle were a similar trade to recent weeks. Top price was £1150 for a Limmy bullock from SW Atkinson & Son, Capplerigg which was bought by John Bowling, Wigan.
Top Prices
Store Bullocks - Lim x: £1150 & £1100 Capplerigg. Cont: £1000 Howriggs. AA: £960 Stockber. Cont x: £960 Howriggs.
Store Heifers – Lim: £1040 Capplerigg. Lim x: £870 (x2) Stribers Farm.
Store Bullock Calves – Lim: £850 Cooper House. Cont: £800 Capplerigg.
Store Heifer Calves – Lim: £800 Howriggs. Cont: £770 Cooper House.

Next Store Cattle Sale – Thursday 14th April - please advise entries.

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