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J36 Thursday 10th March 2016

Posted Thursday, 10 March 2016, 2.24pm


The sale of store hoggs saw a top price of £82 for Texel x, with other pens of better sorts £65 - £70. Medium sorts £55 - £62, smallest sorts £35 - £48. A very mixed show forward with most vendors now selling their last hoggs.

A small entry of breeding sheep saw in-lamb ewes carrying twins sell to £105, with others at £100.

STORE HOGGS: TEX: £82, £74, £69.50 Cantsfield Hall. CHAR: £67 High Foulshaw Farm; £66.50 Low Woodedge; £63 Haveriggs. MUL: £65 Strickland Hill; £64 Overplains; £61.50 Longstripes Farm. SUF: £64.50 Cliftons Farm; £62.50 Strickland Hill. LEI: £60 Kate Farm. SWA: £50, £60 Matson Ground.


The weekly sale of calves, as seen in the local area, had a reduced number of calves forward as many vendors are about to start calving their spring herds. There was a strong trade for black and whites and, once again, they were keenly bid for at J36. A young entry of black and whites saw better three to four week old rearers selling between £70 and £90, with bobby calves selling between £30 and £50. Stronger beef calves selling in excess of £300, with younger types tending to be £200 plus.

BULL CALVES: AA: £190 Cinder Barrow. BrB: £180 Sunny Bank. FR: £90 Low Audlands; £75 Warton Grange Farm; £72 Cracalt Farm.
HEIFER CALVES: BrB: £310 Whitestone Farm. LIM: £240 Whitestone Farm; £200 Deansbiggin.

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