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Lancaster Monday 19th December

Posted Monday, 19 December 2016, 11.09am

Spring Lambs
The weekly sale of prime lambs had a smaller entry of just shy of 500 prime lambs forward this week following the Christmas show of prime lambs last week. Lambs sold to a top price of £79 for Texel lambs from T & CM Kelsall of Brown Brook. Lambs sold to a top of 186ppk from TR Prickett of Hutton Roof. Mule lambs sold in the region of £25 above their weight. Lambs sold to a market average of 159ppk.

Cast Sheep

A few more cast sheep forward in the market today selling to a continued trade, with strong ewes selling slightly dearer. Suffolk cross ewes sold to £74 from A & J Rhodes of Low Kit Brow with strong mule and Masham ewes selling into the late sixties.

***** Please note change of date for sale of Prime Lambs and Cast Ewes next
week sale will take place on Tuesday 27th December at 9am. ***********

Top Prices
PRIME LAMBS – TEX: £79 Brown Brook; £78 Park Farm Barn; £77 Ellers Farm. SUFF: £75.50 Fell End Farm; £74.50 Ellers Farm; £69 Hallbeck. MULE: £70 Bank Farm; £68 Sykes Farm; £68 Fell End Farm. DALES: £69.50 Yarlsber. CH: £69 Old Glasson Farm; £69 Springfield Farm; £64.50 Old Glasson Farm. CHEV: £64 Hutton Roof Hall. MASH: £60 Brown Brook. SWALE: £62 Marshaw Farm; £61 Brown Edge.
CAST SHEEP – SUFF: £74 Low Kit Brow. MASH: £68 Low Kit Brow. TEX: £68 Hutton Roof Hall; £64 Newhouse Farm. MULE: £66 Low Kit Brow; £56 Springfield Farm. CHEV: £64 Hutton Roof Hall; £60 Low Kit Brow. CONT: £55 Newhouse Farm. SCO: £53 Hutton Roof Hall.

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