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J36 Christmas Show & Sale of Calves & Store Cattle - Thursday 8th December 2016

Posted Thursday, 08 December 2016, 9.27am

Caption: Champion Calf pictured with judge Stacy Mitchel and vendor Brian Wilson

Caption: 1st Prize Store Bullock from GE & JA Hayhurst, Brunstow

Christmas Show & Sale of Calves & Store Cattle Including Sale of Cast Cows


The weekly sale of calves which included the annual Christmas show saw the pre-sale show very kindly judged by Stacy Mitchell of Sedbergh, who had some lovely calves in front of her to judge. Strong competition in the beef calf class saw regular consigner Brian Wilson of Spout House take Champion and Reserve Champion with a Limousin Bull and a Limousin heifer calf respectively.

A smaller entry forward than expected this week of just over fifty but plenty of good beef calves on offer. It was fantastic to have such a busy ring side of buyers this morning and it was also good to see some faces around the ring that we haven’t seen for a while.

A brisk trade throughout with today’s Champion Calf topping the trade selling to a top of £440 from Brian Wilson of Spout House, Crosthwaite, with the Reserve Champion selling to £340 for a Limousin heifer from the same good home. A consignment of British Blue calves from JW & TE Sharpe of Flodder Hall, Lyth, met strong demand from our busy ring of buyers selling to a top of £380 for heifers, with one month old British Blue bulls selling to £350. There was plenty of beef calves selling in excess of £300 with all vendors leaving well satisfied with their trade, just a shame not more calves were forward this week as plenty more could have been sold. Black and whites sold to a brisk trade for the calves forward selling to £112 from JJ & MA Park & Son, Low Sizergh Farm, Kendal.

Cast Cows

There was a brisk trade for all cattle, selling to a sharper trade than the previous week. The trade topped at 181.5p/kg for under thirty six month old heifers from A Dixon and Son of Kit Cragg. Over thirty six month old cattle sold to a top of 169.5p/kg from E & S Bower of Ulverston. Dairy cattle saw Friesian type cows sell to a top of 119.5 from DE & SM Moorhouse of Natland with an overall market average of 101p/kg.

Store Cattle

A good quality entry of store cattle in the market today sold to a strong trade with all vendors leaving chuffed with their trade and it was fantastic to have a full ringside with a great atmosphere for the first Christmas show of store cattle at J36. Thanks go to our judge Jonathan Townley of Keasden for his time expertise in judging a smart line up of cattle.

It was a shame more cattle were not forward today to take advantage of the strong trade, the trade sold to a top of £1,160 for the first prize bullock from GE & JA Hayhurst of Brunstow, Lancaster with a 13month old British Blue bullock. Limousin bullocks sold to the same top prize of £1,160 from MJ Waller of Carlingwha with other Limousin bullocks selling to £1,130 from Messrs Hodgson of Rydal farm. Heifers sold to a top of £1,060 from MJ Waller of Carlingwha. All bullocks forward sold to a market average of just shy of £1,000 with heifers selling to an average of £916.

Show Results



Ms Stacey Mitchell, Sedbergh

Class one – Beef Bred Bull Calf

1st Lot 15 B Wilson, Spout House
2nd Lot 22 JW & TE Sharp, Flodder Hall
3rd Lot 23 JW & TE Sharp, Flodder Hall

Class two – Beef Bred Heifer Calf

1st Lot 16 B Wison, Spout House
2nd Lot 25 JW & TE Sharp, Flodder Hall
3rd Lot 24 JW & TE Sharp, Flodder Hall

Class three – Dairy Bred Bull Calf

1st Lot 29 J & M Maudsley & Sons, Raw End Farm
2nd Lot 30 J & M Maudsley & Sons, Raw End Farm
3rd Lot 1 Messrs Robinson, Strickley


Lot 15 B Wilson, Spout House

Reserve Champion

Lot 16 B Wilson Spout House

Store Cattle


Mr Jonathan Townley, Keasden

Class one – Store Bullock

1st Lot 375 GE & JA Hayhurst, Brunstow
2nd Lot 366 MJ Waller, Carlingwha
3rd Lot 369 P & SA Edmondson, Low Barrows Green

Class two – Store Heifer

1st Lot 365 MJ Waller, Carlingwha
2nd Lot 376 JA Chapman, North Lodge
3rd Lot 371 Messrs Hodgson, Rydal Farm

Highest Price Beef Bred Per kg OTM

Lot 894 169.5p/kg E & S Bower, Burney End

Highest Price Black & White Per kg OTM

Lot 880 119.5p/kg DE & SM Moorhouse, High House Farm

Highest Price Per Head Overall

Lot 890 £1105.34 A Dixon & Son, Kit Cragg

Top Prices

Bull Calf: Lim £440 Spout House, £310, £265 Strickley. BRB £350 Flodder Hall, £340 Espford Farm, Sunny Bank, Flodder Hall. AA £230 Birds Park Farm, £185 Low Sizergh Farm. Mon £182 Low Sizergh. Fri £112 Low Sizergh, £82 Espford Farm, £75 Raw End Farm.
Heifer Calf: BRB £380, £355 Flodder Hall, £335 Ravens Lodge, £320 Flodder Hall. Lim £340 Spout House, £240 Strickley. Here £180, £175, £125 Low Sizergh Farm.
Bull Stirk: Here £390, £230 Mount Pleasant.
Store Bullock: BRB £1160 Brunstow, £1100, £1020 Carlingwha. Lim £1160 Carlingwha, £1130 Rydal Farm, £1000 Burney End, £930 Rydal Farm. Char £1070 Low Barrows Green. AA £860, £810 Thrang, £750 Low Stanger Thwaite. Sho £790 Thrang.
Store Heifer: Lim £1060 Carlingwha, £1040, £1010, £1000, £990 North Lodge. Char £950 Thrang, £850 Barker Knott. AA £750 Low Stanger Thwaite.
OTM Cow: Stab 181.5, 137.5, 134.5 Kit Cragg. Lim 169.5 Burney End, 144.5 Capplerigg Farm, 129.5 Low House, 127.5 Farleton House, 119.5 Low House. Fri 119.5 High House Farm, 91.5 Low Sizergh Farm, 84.5 Warton Grange Farm, Bradley Farm, School Hill. Sho 117.5 Farleton Knott, 81.5 School Hill. Blo 109.5 Causeway Farm. AA 107.5 Natland Mill Beck, 99.5 Broad Oak, 87.5 Guest Ford. Brb 104.5 Low House. SRW 84.5 Low Sizergh. Con 81.5 Guest Ford.
OTM Heifer: Fri 79.5 Warton Grange Farm.
Cast Bull: Char 99.5 Broad Oak, 57.5 Natland Mill Beck Farm.

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