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Lancaster Gimmer Lambs - Wednesday 16th September

Posted Thursday, 17 September 2015, 1.48pm

The annual show and sale of Mule, Masham and Continental gimmer lambs at Lancaster had a catalogued entry of over 2,000 gimmer lambs. Vendors must be praised on a good quality entry of mule gimmer lambs throughout and a strong trade from start to finish with all mule lambs forward selling to a market average of £95.91.

Once again a strong line up of pens of tens and twenties forwarded in front of Judge Mr David Morris of Aylesbury and Daryl Shimwell of Derbyshire judged and thanks goes to them both for their time and expertise. The first prized pen of ten was awarded to a powerful pen of Mule gimmer lambs from Alan, Kim, Chris and Becky Pye of Dunkenshaw who also where awarded the red rosette with the pens of twenty.

The day topped at £180 for the first prized pen from Alan, Kim, Chris and Becky Pye of Dunkenshaw selling to Chris Hewitt of Bentham. The first prized pen of 20 from the same home sold to £112 to Shelia Taylor of Tatham. There was plenty of top pens selling in excess of £135 with well grown bonny second and third pens selling in excess of £110. Middle pens of lambs sold similar to other markets with running lambs in strong demand and well bid for looking a very strong trade in comparison with bigger lambs.

A consignment of Masham gimmer lambs from DC Miller of Cobble Hey created plenty of interest selling to a top of £80. A small selection of continental gimmer lambs sold to £75 from George Newsham of Sellerley Fields.

The prize for the highest priced 50 lambs not including prize pens was awarded to JS & S Atkinson of Sykes Farm averaging £119.80.

Show Results

Pens of 10
1st AC & K Pyre & Son, Dunkenshaw Farm £180
2nd Drinkall Bros, Catshaw Farm, £132
3rd B & SE Carter, Crag End £150
4th W & A Cornall, Bank Farm £145

Pens of 20
1st AC & K Pye & Son, Dunkenshaw £112
2nd W & A Cornall, Bank Farm £120
3rd WI & AM Atkinson & Son, Holme House Farm £90
4th AC & K Pye & Son, Dunkenshaw £100

Prices     Average  Top
Masham  £79.33    £80
Mule       £95.91   £180
Texel      £75       £75



Today's Champion pen of 10 Mules from AC & K Pye, Dunkenshaw Farm

Posted by North West Auctions on Wednesday, 16 September 2015
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