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J36 Saturday 5th September 2015

Posted Monday, 07 September 2015, 11.39am


The annual autumn sale of rare breed livestock and poultry once again attracted a wide and varied selection of entries with buyers attending keen to secure additional stock and fresh bloodlines.

The sale of livestock saw record entries and stock achieving prices above vendors expectations.

Breeding ewes sold to £80 for Portland shearlings, coloured Ryeland ewes £210, herdwick gimmer lambs £58, Kerry hill ewes £122, Jacob ewes £100, Shetland gimmer lambs £60, hedridean gimmer lambs £50, lincon longwool shearlings £130, Hampshire ewes £110, Badger Faced Welsh ewes £92, Zwartble ram lambs £105. Alpine nanny goat and kid £190, Golden Gurnsey kid £50. Red Poll cow and calf £780, Coloured filly foal £350.

The sale of poultry, eggs and equipment once again saw an entry in excess of 300 lots selling to a crowded ringside of buyers.

Hatching eggs sold to £16 for 1doz Lemon Brahams. Ducks sold to a top price of £40 for a pair of Carolina and also a pair if Blonde Mandarins. Snowflake Quail sold at £42 for a pair with Pouter pigeons £22 for breeding pairs.

Bantams achieved saw a trio of Gold Sebrights £46, Silver Layced Wyandotte pullets £30 and a trio of Black Silkies £50. Large fowl achieved £70 for 3 Silver Appenzeller pullets, £30 Barred Rock pullets, £38 RIR pullets £45 Light Sussex pullets, £55 Maran pullets.

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