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J36 Thursday 2nd July 2015

Posted Thursday, 02 July 2015, 12.10pm

Stirks to £745 at NWA J36

The weekly sale of Calves saw an entry of predominantly young calves forward selling to a top price of £342 for a 15 day old Lim x bull from B & M J Nelson & Son, who sold others at £310. Barker Farms sold best young Blue Bulls at £330 and Ang x £285 from D R & C Galbraith. One heifer calf forward this week, a 3 week old Sim x heifer from J R Handley at £210 bought as a suckler replacement.

Dairy bulls sold to £142, for a 4 week old HF from W H Kitching & Sons, with other younger rearers £60-£90. Shorthorn bulls achieved £98 from J R Handley.

Stirks peaked at £745 for Ang x Steers from J J & J Towers, who sold freshly weaned steers at £585 and heifers £500.

Another strong entry of calves and stirks will be forward at next week’s sale with buyers’ attendance highly recommended.

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