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Lancaster Friday 12th June 2015

Posted Friday, 12 June 2015, 2.38pm

Lancaster Friday

Cast/OTM Cattle
The cast cows and OTM cattle trade continues to hold firm. A plainer entry of cows forward sold to a overall market average of 122ppk. Topping the market was a Limousin cow from RH & C Ayrton of Ouzelthorn as plenty of fit beef cows sold 145ppk plus with dairy cows reaching the early 140 – 145ppk for best sorts with steaking cows selling 120ppk plus.

Store Cattle
With a trade like the one at Lancaster vendors are strongly advised to forward their cattle to Lancaster over the coming weeks to a ring full of buyers looking to purchase all types of cattle. Another strong trade throughout with all vendors leaving with a smile on their faces. British blue steers sold to a top of £1370 from JM & AG Swarbrick of Bensons Farm. Heifers sold to a top price of £1280 from ME & J Swarbrick of Bridge Farm. Native bred cattle were in short supply today with many buyers needing more to fill their requirements. Angus steers from DW & NM Alderson of High Green sold to £1180. Young grazing cattle continue to be a good trade for both beef and dairy bred cattle.

More calves needed to meet buyer’s requirements. A Limousin Bull from JH Towers & Son, Tunstall topped the sale, realising £425. A nice run of Herefords topped at £420 twice at 12weeks. Younger Black and White calves dearer on the week, £50-£70 with older sorts a fraction easier, topping at £100.

HEIFER CALVES –AA: £240 Tunstall Hall. Lim: £400 & £395 New Brows. Fr: £20 Tunstall Hall.
BULL CALVES – AA: £400 Tills Farm; £220 Sandvilla. Lim: £425 Tunstall Hall; £402 New Brows. Hfd: £420 & £375 Longwood House. Mont: £118 Sellerley Farm. Fr: £100 Tills Farm; £90 Tunstall Hall; £70 Arnside Tower.
BULL STIRK – AA: £470 Tunstall Hall. Fr: £185 Tunstall Hall.
CAST COWS – Fr: 144.5p/kg; 141.5p/kg Arnside Tower, Green Dragon Farm; 139.5p/kg Winter Tarn Farm; 137.5p/kg Tills Farm. AA: 157.5p/kg & 147.5p/kg Restonhill. Lim: 167.5p/kg Ouzelthorn; 161.5p/kg Holme Field; 139.5p/kg Millbeck Bungalow. SR: 144.5p/kg Holme Head. Blo: 129.5p/kg Houlker Barn Farm, Millbeck Bungalow. BRB: 147.5p/kg Houlker Barn Farm.
CAST HEIFERS – Fr: 124.5p/kg Lawsons Farm.
CAST STEERS – Fr: 159.5p/kg Newhouse Farm.
CAST BULL – Blo: 137.5p/kg Nook Farm.
YOUNG BULL – Lim: 154.5p/kg Houlker Barn Farm.
STORE BULLOCKS – Fr: £1180 Millbeck; £1130 Old Glasson; £1000 Bensons Farm; £870 Crook Farm. AA: £1180 High Green; £1170 Forton Bank; £1160 Bouthwaite; £1150 Myerscough Hall, The Grange. Gal: £560 Hill Crest Farm. Saler: £1290 Cock Hall. MRI: £1080 Staffords Farm. Lim: £1250 Lowgill Farm; £1240 Pasture Barn Farm; £1200 High Green. SR: £950 Cock Hall. Char: £1310 Intack Farm. Hfd: £1000 Windy Hill; £900 Cock Hall. Sim: £860 Hall Farm. Stab: £1060 Bradlow Farm. BRB: £1370 Bensons Farm; £1330 Moss Croft; £1270 Beaumont Gate. Mont: £1140 Millbeck; £1030 Cock Hall. Fleck: £1180 Millbeck. Blo: £1130 Millbeck Bungalow; £1120 Bradlow Farm.
STORE HEIFERS – AA: £1110 Forton Bank; £1070 Manor House Farm; £1060 Intack Farm; £950 Thorns Farm; £940 Barn Owl Farm. Shorthorn: £1090 Bell Bank. Lim: £1180 Houlker Barn Farm; £1100 Greenlands Farm; £1060 Intack Farm; £1050 Manor House Farm. Char: £1060 Intack Farm. Hfd: £1040 Manor House Farm. Sim: £1080 Bouthwaite; £1050 Windy Hill; £970 Kate Farm. BRB: £1200 Greenlands Farm; £1150 Manor House Farm; £1120 Beaumont Gate; £1100 Bouthwaite. Baz: £1280 Bridge Farm. Blo: £1160 Low Moor Head.
COWS & CALVES – Lim Cows with Heifer Calves: £1600 Marshaw Farm.

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