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J36 - Tuesday 21st April 2015

Posted Wednesday, 22 April 2015, 4.37pm

North West Auctions held their weekly sale of Prime Stock at J36 where an entry of 50 Spring Lambs forward were to 225p/kg for Suffolk x lambs from J M Case & Son of Ulverston and to £90 a head, again for Suffolk lambs from H R & K A Hodgson of Barbon.

An entry of 1,000 Prime Hoggs & Cast Sheep were put before the usual complement of buyers. A very mixed entry of Hoggs were forward, with export type hoggs remaining a good trade but, unfortunately, were few and far between. Topping the sale at £110 was a pure Charollais hogg from John Stott of Crosscrake. Handy weight hoggs were a straight trade but heavy hoggs would see the biggest drop in price on the week, with a lot more on the market and abattoirs having to contend with a lot of ‘out of spec’ sheep, which is pulling the price of sheep back country wide. This left an overall market average of 170.27p/kg, which, with the quality of hoggs forward, was well in line with all other centres.
A big show of 480 Cast Sheep were forward and despite being a little easier on the week, trade was not as far back as some local markets had witnessed last week. Sheep topped at £132 on several occasions.
Plenty of Continental and Suffolk sheep £115-£130. Mule ewes weren’t reaching the heights of last week’s trade, topping at £98, with good meated ewes mid-nineties.

Plainer ewes £75-£80. Horned ewes to £92 for Rough Fell ewes and to £82 for Swaledales.
Sheep & lambs sell to £250 (£83/life)

The weekly sale of sheep with lambs at foot saw 685 sell, with a 100% clearance achieved. A run of Mule shearlings with twins from G & K M Atkinson attracted keen interest, selling to £250, £245, with Texel x shearlings £248. Other shearlings sold to £70/life for Texel x from C McGuickin.

Ewes sold to £185 for 2 crop Mules with Suffolk lambs from G & I D Postlethwaite, with others regularly £165-£172. Texel ewes with Texel twins from J A Chapman sold to £202, £198, with most £60-£65 per life.
Hill ewes now coming forward, selling to £152 for Cheviots with Mule singles. Gritstones with Texel twins £150 and Herdwicks £100.

Texel x gimmer hoggs achieved £98 from L E & A Ridding.
All sheep sold to average £55.81/life, ranging from £67-£250 per family.

Top Prices:
Prime Lambs: Dor: £89, £88 Beckside Barn. Suff: £90 Howrigg; £88 Cracalt Farm. Tex: £84 Hallbeck.
Prime Hoggs: Suff £89 Trees Farm; £75 Cracalt Farm, Brow Head. Mule £80 Cuerdale Hall Farm; £77 Heaton Hall Farm; £75 Hill Top Farm, Burton Hill, High House Farm. Swale £71, £70.50 Holme House Farm; £71 Cuerdale Hall Farm. Rough £74 Moss End Farm; £73 Cuerdale Hall Farm; £70 Moss Howe Farm. Char £110, £82, £72 Kingsland. Chev £94 Brow Head; £80 Green Head. Tex £86, £80 Clawthorpe Lodge; £82 Cuerdale Hall; £81 Millness Hall. Bel £79 Keerfalls Forest Farm.
Cast Sheep: Suff £128 Aynsome Croft; £122 Cracalt Farm; £116 Dunhazels Farm; £100 Lane Ends Farm, Hill Park. Mash £88 Mosergh Farm. Mule £98 Lane Ends Farm; £94 The Dell; £92 Hill Park, Stubb Farm. Swale £82 Whelpside Farm; £74, £70 Ashstead; £71 Low Newton Farm; £70 Overthwaite Farm. Rough £92 Wasdyke Farm; £90 Mosergh Farm. Char £132 Spital Farm, Kingsland; £122 Trees Farm; £110 Capplethwaite Hall. Chev £108 Green Head; £94, £86 Orchard House. Tex £132 Dendron Farm; £130 Heaton Hall Farm, The Dell. Lei £114, £110 High House Farm. Herd £68 Tilberthwaite; £60 Bannerigg Farm.

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