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Lancaster Monday 16th February

Posted Monday, 16 February 2015, 11.35am

50th Anniversary Sale at Lancaster
The 50th anniversary sale of Prime Hoggs had a pre-sale show that was kindly judged by Alex Riley on behalf of Riley Brothers of Dunnockshaw. Show classes for pairs of Lowland and upland breeds of prime hoggs. The Lowland class was won by Andrew and Charlie Butler of Hambleton who also had second in the class. In the upland class the winning rosette was awarded to Richard Cardwell of Cardwell farms with a pair of Cheviot lambs who also won second prize.
A special thank you goes to the Prime Hogg sponsor Andrew Thompson on behalf of Alan Thompson Haulage of Carnforth.
Prime Hoggs
The weekly sale of prime hoggs at Lancaster had an overall sale average of 186ppk a few pence less than the previous week. The champion pen of Hoggs sold to a top price of £140 (292ppk) from Andrew Butler of Parks Barn selling to M Allam of Lancashire Direct Halal. Better bred continental hoggs selling well over 200ppk with first cross continental hoggs selling between 188ppk and 200ppk. Mules sold to a top of £88 a head from WI & A Atkinson of Holme House with all mules forward selling to an average of 173ppk.
Cast Sheep
Once again all classes of cast sheep sold to a strong trade at Lancaster with more ewes needed to meet what is a strong demand from the buyers at Lancaster. Better sorts of continental cast ewes sold into the one hundred and teens selling to a top of £118 from JR & M Ayrton & Son of Bambers Farm with slightly less continentals selling around the £100 mark. Mule ewes sold to £87 from J Lamb of Old Glasson with mule ewes averaging £86. An overall market average of £84.62.
Prime Cattle
The bull beef trade continues to hold firm with the trade at Lancaster in keeping with other local centres. An entry of 10 prime bulls forward sold to a market average 195ppk. Suckler bred beef bulls sold in and around 200ppk selling to a top of 209.5ppk numerous times.
Top Prices
Prime Hoggs: TEX- £140 Parks Farm Barn; £98 Millstones; £97 Gardners Farm. SUFF- £93 Inverbervie; £90 Parks Farm Barn; £87 Downlands Farm. MASH- £80 Fell End Farm. MULE- £88 Holme House Farm; £80.50 Fell End Farm; £80 Brown Brook. HORN- £77.50 Fell End Farm; £72.50 Holme House Farm; £71 Downlands Farm. CH- £91 Walmsley Fold. CHEV- £93 Inverbervie; £90 Sandvilla. GRIT- £85 Sowerby Lodge.
Lowland Pair
1st AG Butler Parks Farm Barn BELTEX 48kg £140
2nd AG Butler Parks Farm Barn BELTEX 43kg £92
3rd P Eastwood Meadow Park BELTEX 43kg £93
Upland Pair
1st Cardwell Farms Ltd Inverbervie CHEVIOT 50kg £93
2nd Cardwell Farms Ltd Inverbervie CHEVIOT 44kg £83
3rd V & EJ Chadwick Soweby Lodge GRITSTONE 50kg £85
Cast Sheep: MULE- £87 Old Glassson Farm; £82 Dowlnads Farm. CHEV- £94 Sandvilla; £80 Highfield Farm. TEX- £118 Bambers Farm; £110 Downlands Farm; £100 Old Glasson Farm.
Prime Bulls: WB- 174.5 Village Farm. LIM- 209.5 Old Croft; 209.5 Howriggs; 194.5 Northwoods Farm. BRB- 191.5 Northwoods Farm.

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