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Lancaster Friday 20/02/2015

Posted Friday, 20 February 2015, 11.29am

50th Anniversary Show sees Stores to £1430, OTMs to 209.5ppk or £1331, Calves to £410
Store Cattle
The 50th Anniversary sale at Lancaster saw a catalogued entry of 345 cattle. Trade for all cattle remained strong, with a ring side of buyers for all classes. Well grown cattle carrying flesh were most sort after today with a pair of 22month Limousin Bullocks from DE & SM Moorhouse, Natland realising £1430. Blue bullocks sold to £1360 from A & E Clarkson, Cock Hall. Heifers sold to a top of £1300 from JE & AC Clarke with a single Blue at 23months. Native breeds sold to a top of £1260 for a pair of Angus Bullocks from MG & J Parker, Lodge Farm and the same price for a pen of Hereford bullocks from I & ME Askew, Raw Head. Angus Heifers sold to £1210 from D & N Davis, Nateby and JE Bracken, St Michaels. EJ Ward and Sons topped the Black and white trade at £1100, best sorts of black and whites selling over the £1000 barrier. Younger cattle also in demand at Lancaster with nice 11month Limousins selling to £860 for both bullocks and heifers from Paul & Raymond Ayrton. Avergaes today reflect the strong trade with all bullocks averaging £1042 and all heifers forward averaging £1063.
The 50th Anniversary saw prizes given for the highest price pens of two or more cattle:
Continental Bullock – DE & SM Moorhouse – 2 Limousins - £1430
Continental Heifer – M Shepherd & Sons – 2 British Blues - £1290
Native Bullock – MG & J Parker – 2 Aberdeen Angus - £1260
Native Heifers – D & N Davis – 7 Aberdeen Angus - £1210
Black & White Bullocks – A & E Clarkson – 2 Friesians - £1090
Cast Cows
Cast Cows saw another rise in trade with an overall average of 127ppk, some 6ppk up on the week. A good entry of 76 cows, however numbers still short of buyers requirements, more needed next week to meet demand. Topping trade overall was A & E Clarkson with a cast Limousin steer selling to 209.5ppk or £1331. Cast heifers sold to 191.5ppk from EW & RM Towers, Holme Head with a Fleckvieh. Continental cows sold to a top of 169.5ppk for a British Blue from W Pinder Jnr, Newton in Bowland, others from RH & C Ayrton, Ouzlethorn sold to 159.5ppk for a 770kg Limousin. Friesian cows sold to a top of 169.5ppk, twice, from MH & AR Robinson, Old Hutton.
Top price prizes £/head:
Continental Cow: RH & C Ayrton - Limousin Cow, £1231.34.
Dairy Bred Cow: MH & AR Robinson – Friesian Cow - £1101.75
Calves and Stirks
A slightly disappointing show of calves this morning for the Anniversary Show. Trade however did not disappoint with all classes substantially dearer on the week. Friesian calves saw the dearest trade with a 6 week old calf, first prize B&W, from David and Eileen Wallbank realising £270, others from the same home realised £200, £180 & £175. Away from the show, Tom Whitaker, Park Lane Farm selling 9 week olds to £165 & £162. On the whole 6-9week black and whites £150-£200, with younger sorts £42-£70, average £115 for all forward. Older Black & Whites at 3months sold to £288 from Ken Kelsall, Chipping. Continental calves sold well again today with 19day Blue Bull to £405 from J Bargh & Son. The pre-sale show saw R & A Batterbee, Newhouse Farm, take the champion rosette with a nice Limousin Heifer which went on to sell for £410. Angus’ from the same home sold to £420, with younger sorts at £270 & £260 for heifers. Three week old Herefords from Steve Mason sold to £365 for Bulls and £325 for hiefers. Sold to Blue bull stirks sold to £480 at 4-5months from J, CH & JG Bland, Arnside Tower. More stirks needed to fill buyer’s orders.
Show Results
Cont Heifer
1st – Limousin - £410 – R & A Batterbee
2nd – Hereford - £325 – Mason Birkland Barrow
Cont Bull
1st – British Blue - £405 – J Bargh & Son
2nd – Hereford - £365 – Mason Birkland Barrow
Black and White Bull
1st – Friesian - £270
2nd – Friesian - £180
3rd – Friesian - £200
Top Prices
STORE BULLCOCKS- £1100 Intack Farm; £1090 Cock Hall Farm; £1080 Park Farm. AA- £1260 Underhelm Farm; £1260 Lodge Farm; £1250 High Green. WB- £1100 Stonehead. LIM- £1430 High House Farm; £1400 Cock Hall Farm. BS- £1090 Pilling Lane; £770 Willow Farm; £600 Willow Farm. CH- £1180 Trapp Farm. HE- £1260 Raw Head; £1190 Lower Castle o Trim. SIM- £1270 Manor House Farm; £1220 Daniel Fold Farm. ST- £1310 Low Foulshaw Farm. BRB- £1360 Cock Hall Farm; £1350 Abrahams Farm; £1250 Pasture House Farm. MO- £1020 Carlinghurst; £950 Bouthwaite Farm; £750 Higher Slip Inn Farm. SRW- £850 Middle Ridge Farm. NOR- £1100 Intack Farm. BA- £1290 Coastal Road; £1260 Nook Farm.
STORE HEIFERS- AA- £1210 New House Farm; £1210 Cragg Farm; £1180 Lodge Farm. SHO- £1120 Bouthwaite Farm. LIM- £1170 Mireside Farm; £1150 Brown Edge; £1120 Yealand Manor. CH- £1200 Langthwaite Heights; £1180 Brown Edge. HE- £1120 Windy Hill Farm; £1080 Bouthwaite Farm; £1020 Ivy Barn. SIM- £1140 Manor House Farm; £1110 Daniel Fold Farm; £1030 Cringleber. ST- £1130 Low Foulshaw Farm. BRB- £1300 Cringleber; £1290 Pasture House Farm; £1280 Forton Bank Farm. MO- £1060 Higher Brundhurst Farm. BA- £1200 Nook Farm; £1120 Yealand Manor.
CAST COWS – FR: 169.5p/kg Holmescales Farm; 147.5p/kg Park House; 141p/kg Lane Ends; 139.5 Yew Tree Farm; 137.5p/kg Park House, Holme House & Hagg Farm; 134.5p/kg Boon Town & Boldens Farm. AA: 147.5p/kg Eskew Beck. GAL: 104.5p/kg Ghyll Beck Farm. LIM: 159.5p/kg Ouzelthorn Farm; 144.5p/kg Marl House; 131.5p/kg Sunny Bank Farm. HE: 141.5p/kg Cringleber. SIM: 141.5p/kg Cringleber. BB: 169.5p/kg Longstripes Farm. MON: 129.5p/kg Lane House.
CAST HEIFERS-FR- 139.5 Park House; 134.5 Park Cottage Farm; 129.5 Boon Town Farm. SRW- 189.5 Holme Head. FKV- 191.5 Holme Head. BA- 151.5 Coastal Road.
CAST STEERS/BULLS- FR- 171.5 Cock Hall Farm; 164.5 Intack Farm. SHO- 149.5 Lundholme Farm. LIM- 209.5 Cock Hall Far. BA- 157.5 Coastal Road.
HEIFER CALVES – AA: £420 Newhouse Farm. LIM: £410 Newhouse Farm. HE: £325 Birkland Barrow.
BULL CALVES – FR: £288 Brown Brook; £270 Tills Farm; £165 Park Lane Farm. AA: £230 Newhouse Farm. HE: £365 Birkland Barrow. BB: £405 North Farm; £295 Brown Brook.
BULL STIRK – BB: £480 Arnside Tower.

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