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J36 Tuesday 17/02/15

Posted Wednesday, 18 February 2015, 11.33am

North West Auctions held their weekly sale of prime sheep at J36 on Tuesday which also included the Anniversary Prize Show & Sale of Pairs of Prime Hoggs.
The show was very ably judged by Mr Simon Jennar from the Anglo Dutch Meat Company who awarded the championship rosette to a pair of Texel x hoggs shown by father & son Edward & Andrew Atkinson of Stubb Farm, Endmoor. The champion hoggs went onto sell for £112 per head to Mr Robert Skelton of Cockermouth.
Lowland Hoggs
1st AE Atkinson & Son, Stubb Farm (Texel) £112
2nd Fishwick Farms, Bank House Farm (Beltex) £98
3rd Fishwick Farms, Bank House Farm (Beltex) £95
Hill Hoggs
1st Fishwick Farms, Bank House Farm (ChamxSBF) £80
2nd TMW & H Hodgson, Arklid (Swale) £75
3rd Messrs Hodgson, Rydal Farm (Herdwick) £76
Outwith the show hoggs and entry of 1644 prime hoggs and cast sheep were forward for sale.
There were some very mixed classes of hoggs forward with well finished hoggs being good to sell, whilst leaner sorts were certainly easier on the week leaving an overall market average of 182.61p/kg.
Once again all classes of cast sheep met a strong trade topping at £138 for a Texel ram from T Edmondson of Ulverston. Mule ewes continue to sell at a cracking rate with the best meated ewes £95 - £100 with leaner sorts £80 - £85. However, buyers are very cautious of over fat sheep. Horned ewes sold to £84 for Swaledales from RS Harker & Son of Grayrigg and Rough Fells sold to £94 from GR Park & Son of Whinfell.
More sheep are required every week for a full ringside of buyers.
PRIME HOGGS – Suff: £104 Mansrigg Hall; £99 Boustagill; £91 Underley; £90 Maddison. Masham: £74 Killington Drive. Mule: £80.50 Tatterthorn; £80 Bank House Farm, Low Longmire, Whaitber, Hill Top; £79 Barrowfield. Swale: £75 Arklid; £71 Skelwith Fold; £69 High Loanthwaite. Rough Fell: £77 High Borrowbridge; £73 Boundary Beck; £62 Middle Sadghyll. Char: £89 Mansrigg Hall; £87 New Close; £83 Buck Bank. Chev: £92 Hutton Roof Hall; £82 Halton Park; £80.50 Underley. Texel: £98 Mansigg Hall; £90 Low Longmire, Old Hyton Farm, Underley. Leic: £90 Yates Farm. Jacob: £76 Summerhill. Herdwick: £76 Rydal; £71.50 Charley Crag. Beltex: £112 Stubb Farm; £98 Bank House; £90 Old Hyton.
CAST SHEEP – Suff: £114 Mansrigg Hall; £106 High Mansriggs; £88 Riggthwaite; £80 Chapel House. Mule: £100 Underley; £99 Green Lane End; £97 Old Hyton, Stoney Crag. Swale: £84 Grayrigg Hall; £72 Well Foot, Low Mansriggs; £71 Yates Farm. Rough Fell: £94 Low Deepslack; £86 Boundary Beck; £78 High Borrowbridge; £77 Middle Sadghyll. Char: £92 Millness Hall; £76 Yealand Manor. Texel: £138 High Mansriggs; £118 Helm Croft; £116 Endmoor Farm, Old Hyton; £110 Underley. Lleyn: £97 Cragg Farm; £81 West Berrick Farm. Leic: £102 Low Newton Farm, Grayrigg Hall; £95 Tongue House; £95 Middle Fell, Mouse Syke. Herdwick: £56 Tongue House; £45 Middle Fell.

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