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J36 Tuesday 3rd November 2015

Posted Tuesday, 03 November 2015, 5.32pm

Prime Lamb

The weekly sale of prime sheep saw 2632 forward with lambs achieving an SQQ of 146.9p/kg. Well finished lambs ranging 42-44kg were easiest sold to an active ringside of 12 buyers. Best lambs regularly achieving 155-165p/kg, topping at 178p/kg for charollais cross from T L & S Cross.

Mules averaged 138p/kg for all sold with the standards weights 140-148p/kg. Lightweight lambs achieved an overall average of 152p/kg, with more needed each week to meet buyers’ demands.

Top price of £77 was achieved for best Texels from D, J & A Freeman, with other heavy weight lambs regulary £70-£75.

Hill lambs sold to £64 for Mules, £60.50 Cheviots, £58.50 Rough Fell and £53.50 Herdwicks.

Lightweight lambs sold to a top price of £59.50 for a pen of 35kg Texels, with other pens 30-33kg , achieving £45-£52.

Please note: The sale commences at 1 pm with Light Lambs and these do benefit from being in the appropriate section.

Cast Ewes

The weekly sale of cast sheep had another entry of over 450 forward. A stronger trade this week with all types of ewes, four to five pound dearer on the week. Cast rams sold to £111 for a Leicester from PE & M Capstick of Whicham Hall, with Suffolks selling to £95 from GB JE DJ Platts of Greenbank Farm. Stronger continental ewes around the eighty pound mark, topping at £83 from AW & AM Clarke of Low Longmire. Stronger mule ewes sold in excess of £60, with best ewes topping at £66 and all mule ewes forward averaged £55.

Once again a large show of hill bred ewes forward, saw better swales easily selling in the forties and lean pens of ewes in excess of thirty pound. An overall average of £47.06 reflected a strong trade for the sheep forward.

Top Prices:

Prime Lambs: Tex: £77, £76.50 Town End; £74 Stoneyhead Hall; £72.50 The Galleon. Suff: £74.50 Dunningwell Farm; £74, £70 Smithy Green Farm. Char: £72.50 Myers Farm; £71.50 Trees Farm; £67, £65.50 Dunningwell Farm. Mule: £64 High Loanthwaite Farm; £63.50 Heaton Hall Farm; £63 Braida Garth, Yoad Pot. H. Chev: £60.50 Hall Bank; £57 Howriggs; £56, £55.50 Seedhowe Cottage. RFell: £58.50 Seedhowe Cottage; £58, £52.50 Steps Farm. Dors: £58 Brow Head; £54.50 Warth Sutton Farm. Hamp: £57.50 Brow Head Herd: £53.50 Low Fields; £50 High Biggarsbank.

Cast Sheep: Leic: £111 Whicham Hall; £79 Low Longmire; £74 Low Newton Farm. Tex: £83 Low Longmire; £80, £76 Underley Estate; £76 High Greenside. Suff: £95, £74 Greenbank Farm; £79 Ninezergh. Chev: £81, £73 Underley Estate; £73 Gowan Bank Farm; £68 School House. Mule: £66 Gowan Bank Farm, Wreay Syke; £65 Toadpool Farm; £64 Mint Close. Mash: £66 Brow Head. Swale: £66 Whicham Hall; £46 Longwell; £44 Yoad Pot; £43 Moss End Farm. Grit: £59 Moss End Farm. RFell: £58 Howriggs; £56 Woodside; £50 Riverside House. Herd: £55 Moss End Farm; £44 Nook Farm.. Char: £49, £47 Moss End Farm. Lleyn: £39 Penrose Cottage.

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