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J36 Tuesday 20th October 2015

Posted Tuesday, 20 October 2015, 5.33pm

NWA J36 had an entry of 1,908 prime lambs forward before a ringside of 13 active bidders for all classes of lambs resulting in a SQQ average of 143p/kg. Once again well fleshed and assured lambs selling to a premium with buyers showing caution to those which are not. A top price of £74.50 was achieved for a pen of Beltex x lambs from TL & S Cross, Westhouse with other heavy lambs generally £64 - £68. Best pens of standard weight lambs generally £60 - £65 peaking at £68 for Texel x from D Nicholson, Blawith. Mules forward in greater numbers and need to be well fleshed to ensure maximum saleability, today they sold to £59.50 from Clegg & Bennett, Seathwaite with other heavier sorts £56 - £58. Horned lambs sold to £57.50 for SBF and £52 Rough Fells.

A top price of 181p/kg was achieved for Texel x from TL & S Cross with other well finished better sorts generally achieving 150p/kg – 160p/kg. Mules 128p/kg – 140p/kg.

Light lambs again sold to keen interest with best meated lambs achieving £52 with half-bred lambs in the 32kg – 35kg range £46 - £50. Hill lambs sold to £48.50 for Swaledales and £38.50 for Herdwicks. More can be sold each week.

The weekly sale of cast sheep had another entry of in excess of 600 cast ewes and rams forward. Plenty of buyers in attendance today to buy all types of ewes on offer, with nine active buyers around the ring. Pure bred and three quarter bred Continental ewes sold £80 plus topping at £88 from NJ Strickland & Son of The Borrans. Stronger Mule ewes sold to £66 with pens of strong ewes in the early sixties. A large proportion of hill ewes in the market saw Rough Fell ewes sell to sixty and easily in the mid to late fifties with better swale ewes selling to £53 with plenty pens of good fit swale ewes selling in the forties. Lean ewes eagerly bid for and wanted for buyers to fulfil feeding jobs.
Buyers very cautious of buying over fat ewes. Rams short of supply and eagerly bid for today.

A selection of Boer goat male kids sold to £56 from Ben Heap of Lupton.

PRIME LAMBS – Tex: £74.50 Trees Farm; £71.50 Green Head; £70.50 Masongill Hall; £70 Underely; £69.50 St Annes Farm. Suff: £70 Hill Park; £69.50 Smithy Green; £67 Hollin Hall, Underley. Beltex: £72 Wray Farm; £68.50 Trees Farm. Char: £66.50 Smithy Green; £66 Myers Farm; £63.50 High Greenside; £63 Cooilingel; £62.50 Kate Farm. Chev: £59.50 High Borrowbridge, Green Lane End, Seedhowe Cottages. Hamp: £64.50 Kate Farm. Masham: £59 Steps Farm; £58 Leven Court. Mule: £59 Tongue House; £58.50 Middle Sadghyll; £58 Ashstead. Rough Fell: £52.50 Archer Hill. SBF: £57.50 Cooilingel. Swale: £48.50 Stoney Crag; £47.50 Ouzelthorn. Tees: £52.50 Leven Court. Herd: £38.50 Moss End Farm. Zwart: £54 Leven Court.
CAST SHEEP – Texel: £88 The Borrans; £87 Cooilingel Farm; £82 Croit Kelly; £79 Ballamoar Farm; £78 Stoney Gap, Cove Road; £75 (ram) Cooilingel Farm. Suff: £76 Ninezergh; £65 Scroggs Farm; £62 Yealand Manor. Masham: £68 Far Orrest. Mule: £66 Scroggs Farm, Far Orrest; £60 Ballamoar Farm, Hill Farm, Ewan Mill; £59 Cooilingel; £56 Yealand Manor. Swale: £56 (ram) Higher Salter; £53 Low Haygarth; £48 Park House Farm; £44 Middle Sadghyll; £41 Low Newton Farm. Rough Fell: £60 The Lodge, Poppy Farm; £54 Abbey Farm; £46 Low Deepslack. Chev: £50 Low Haygarth. SBF: £35 Cooilingel Farm. Leic: £49 The Borrans. Jacob: £50 Cooilingel Farm. Herdwick: £54 (ram) & £40 Cooilingel Farm; £53 (ram) Tilberthwaite; £33 Tilbethwaite. Goats: £56 Lupton High Farm.

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