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J36 Thursday 15th October 2015

Posted Friday, 16 October 2015, 10.23am

Calf and Stirks
The weekly sale of Calves and Stirks had another good entry of 91 forward for the sale. The beef calf trade was very strong with all types of beef calves eagerly bid for with a great choice of beef calves available for a busy ring of bidders to bid on. Strong and better quality beef calves today easily selling up towards and over the four hundred pound mark. A cracking run of Charolais and Angus calves from V & EJ Chadwick & Sons of Sowerby Lodge, Garstang saw Charolais bulls at a couple of month top at £405 and Angus bulls sell to £400 with plenty selling £380 plus. British Blue bulls sold to £400 from HJ Robinson & Son of Elm Tree who also sold the top priced Blue heifer at £355. Weaned Black and Whites sold to £185 from Barker Farms. Good quality rearing calves still in strong demand with younger and plainer types today taken a major hit as the market currently over supplied and many buyers full at the moment.

The stirks sold to a mixed trade with a variety of all sorts forward today. British Blue steers topped at £630 from HG Spensley & Son of County Durham with Hereford steers from the same home selling to £530. A selection of Black & Whites forward saw six to eight month old steers sell to £370 from MD Close of Docker with four month old bulls from A Barnes of Moss Side.

Cast Cows & Bulls
66 Cast Cows & Bulls averaged 109.5p and sold to a top of 164.5p for a Lim Cow from Crosscrake Farm.

Store & Breeding Cattle
There was 153 Store and Breeding Cattle forward. Store Cattle continued to be a nice trade, with more dairy bred cattle about today. Younger store beef cattle were easy to sell.
The top price was £1160 for a 15 mo Limousin bullock from G H Jones, Fold Farm.

The Breeding Cattle ring had a good ringside of buyers and more could have been sold. Top price was £1650 for a Limousin Cow with a bull calf at foot from G M Strong, School Hill.

An entry of four heifers at J36 this morning, with five active buyers ringside. Topping at £1500, for a second calved cow giving 30litres from Darren Dodgson, Cracalt. Another second calver, from JH Woof & Son realised £1480, both selling to Martin Ayrton of Cockerham. Heifers sold to £1480, again from Messers Woof, to average £1465.

Three entries already for a fortnight’s time, with more needed to meet a growing demand. Please advise Will on 07976646035 with any entries.

Store Lambs
The weekly of store lambs saw 777 forward selling to a top price of £56.50 for Char x lambs from JA & SM Allen followed by B & R Barnes selling Suffolk x lambs at £54. No real strong lambs forward today with best medium keep lambs £47 - £51 and smaller medium keep lambs £43- £46. Smaller bred lambs £37 - £41 with poorer bred sorts harder to sell.
Hill lambs sold to £49.50 for Mashams from JE Read and cheviots from RI Dixon, mules to £45 and Horned lambs £30.50. Tup lambs sold to £49.50 with others £ £42-£45 and smallest sorts £25 - £32.
All lambs today sold to average £45.38, with a falling national prime lamb trade, buyers are understandably showing caution when purchasing stores.

Next sale of store lambs is Thursday 22nd October commencing at 11am.
Please advise the office of entries to assist with contacting buyers.


Lim Cow & bull calf: £1650, £1600 School Hill
BB Cow & heifer calf: £1550 Gilsmere Farm.
AA Cow & heifer calf: £1420 Bank Ground.
Older Cows & calves to £1320 for an AA Cow & bull calf from Bank Ground.

BREEDING BULLS: Lim: £1800 Ouzelthorn.

CAST COWS: Lim: 164.5p Crosscrake. Cont: 153.5p, 141.5p Low House. Char: 137.5p, 133.5p Dawson Fold. Fleck: 129.5p Hawkin Hall. Saler: 127.5p Fell House. AA: 121.5p Low Hundhowe. Mont: 119.5 Green Lane End. Fr: 119.5p Green Lane End; 117.5p Espford Farm. Here: 117.5p Green Lane End Farm.

CAST STEERS: Lim: 131.5p,129.5p Fell House.

CAST BULLS: Lim: 121.5p Moser Hill. Blo: 111.5p High Row.

STORE BULLOCKS: Lim: £1160 Far Sawrey. Cont: £1140 Broughton House. BrB: £1080, £1070 Broughton House. Here: £1030 Crabtree Farm.
STORE BULLOCK CALVES: Char: £1000 Tock Howe. Lim: £990 Crabtree Farm. Cont: £960 Tock Howe. AA: £910 Capplerigg.

STORE HEIFERS: Lim: £1040 Hawkrigg End; £970 Fold Farm. Cont: £910 Fold Farm. Char: £890 Hipshow Farm, Tock How Farm. BrB: £860 Hawkrigg End.

BULL CALVES – AA: £400, £395, £390, £380 Sowerby Lodge. Lim: £390 & £385 Spout House, Hall Farm. Char: £405 Sowerby Lodge. Hfd: £395 & £385 Barrowfield. Sim: £280 Beckside Farm. BRB: £400 & £385 Elm Tree Farm; £390 Beck House; £370 Flodder Hall. Fr: £135 Wyke Farm; £105 & £105 Netherbeck Barn; £75 Greaves Farm; £65 Beckside Farm; £55 Birds Park.
HEIFER CALVES – Lim: £340 Spout House; £280 Halforth Farm. Char: £220 Sowerby Lodge. Sim: £260 Beckside Farm. BRB: £355 Elm Tree Farm; £350 Flodder Hall; £235 Sunny Bank.
STEER CALF – Fr: £185 Hillam House Farm.
BULL STIRKS – Stab: £400 & £360 High Foulshaw. Fr: £220 Moss Side Farm.
HEIFER STIRKS – Lim: £325 Hazel Head. BSH: £270 & £250 Hazel Head. Sim: £365 Hazel Head. Stab: £470 Borwick Farm. BRB: £560 Sleetburn Farm.
STEER STIRKS – FR: £370 Docker Hall. Slr: £470 Borwick Fold. Swedish Red: £370 Docker Hall.
B/Gal: £290 Hazel Head. BSH: £270 Hazel Head. Hfd: £530 Sleetburn Farm. BRB: £630 Sleetburn Farm

STORE LAMBS – Char: £56.50 & £51.50 Barker Knott; £51 Bowkerstead Farm; £50 Oxen Park; £46 Clerk Laithe Farm; £45.50 Low Fold. Suff: £54 Gilsmere Farm; £52 & £51 Borwick Lodge Farm; £51 High Butterbent; £49 Grate Farm. Texel: £52.50 Larkrigg; £52 Head House; £51 Bluebridge Barn; £50.50 Marsh House, Bowkerstead Farm; £49.50 Barker Knott; £49 Grate Farm, The Ashes. Chev: 49.50 Low Newton Farm; £47.50 Oxen Park. Masham: £49.50 Mealrigg. Mule: £45 Low Fold, Low Newton Farm; £39 Park Avenue. Rough Fell: £30.50 Blackmoss Farm. Horned: £29 Low Haygarth.

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