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Lancaster Friday 23/01/15

Posted Friday, 23 January 2015, 11.49am

Lancaster Weekly Sale
Rearing Calves & Stirks
Less calves around this morning although trade held up for all classes, Topping the calf section was G & ME Woodhouse, Ellel with a Blue Bull selling to £560, heifers from the same home sold to £430. Herefords sold to £350 for Bulls from Steve Mason, Birkland Barrow. Younger beef calves, slightly easier, £170-£220. Friesian calves in demand, selling to a top of £125 at 7weeks, from George Sanderson. Best calves £125-£100 with nice younger fleshy calves £95-£85, plainer sorts £60-£40. Overall average of £73 for all black and whites.
Stirks saw a flying trade topping at £675 for a trio of 10month Blue heifers from A & E Clarkson. A pair of Angus heifers from the same home sold to £620. Black and White bulls from John Atkinson, Warton sold to £265 twice and £250. Blue bullocks from the same home sold to £495.
Notice for all calf vendors and purchasers, the monthly Dugdale Calf Competition will run again this year, with both the vendor and purchaser of the highest price calf under 6weeks receiving 3 bags of feed each, courtesy of Dugdale Nutrition.
Cast Cows & OTM Cattle
Cast cows and OTM cattle sold to a slightly sharper trade this week at NWA Lancaster with an entry of 92 forward. OTM steers were in strong demand selling to a top price of 214.5ppk from TR Prickett of Hutton Roof Hall. Cast heifers sold to a strong trade topping at 164.5ppk for an Angus from J & DA Dickinson of Springfield. The trade for beef cows saw the best types twice sell to 147.5ppk from TR Prickett of Hutton Roof Hall with Limousin cows with other well fleshed beef cows selling between 127ppk and 145ppk. Black and Whites sold to a top of 127.5ppk from W Conder & Son of Higher Broadwood Farm with other fleshed cows selling in the early 120’sppk with others selling in the mid to late teens. An overall average of 112.5ppk was achieved for all OTM cattle forward.
Store Cattle
Lancaster weekly sale of store had a large proportion of Friesian steers forward selling to a strong trade exceeding many vendors’ expectations with quality cattle a good trade throughout for all ages and size of cattle. A top price of £1540 was achieved today for a big Angus steer from A & E Clarkson Ltd of Cock Hall Farm with other pens of big steers selling over £1300. Heifers sold to a top price of £1280 from HR & KA Hodgson of Howriggs for 19 month old Limousin. A large entry of Frisian steers sold to an overall market average of £784 for an entry of a lot of 14 to 18 month old cattle. All beef bred stee4rs forward averaged a very impressive £1121 and heifer sold to a strong average of £1004.
STORE BULLOCKS – AA- £1540 Cock Hall Farm; £1470 Billinge Hall; £1250 The Bungalow. FR- £1120 Rowell Farm; £970 Lodge Farm; £970 Oatland Farm. SHO- £1070 Fell End Farm; £740 Bull Bank Farm. WB- £1050 Staffords Farm. LIM- £1380 Walmsley Fold; £1370 Hutton Roof Hall; £1370 Endmoor Farm. LIM- £1380 Walmsley Fold; £1370 Hutton Roof Hall; £1370 Endmoor Farm. HE- £1160 Windy Hill Farm. SIM- £1120 Staffords Farm; £1070 Claughton Hall; £1050 Oatland Farm. BRB- £1250 The Bungalow; £1150 Abrahams Farm; £1130 Bridge Farm. MO- £960 Croft House. BAZ- £1000 Fell End Farm. JE- £650 Gibsons Farm.
STORE HEIFERS – FR- £900 Lower Brow Top. AA- £1090 Benson Hall; £1050 Ivy Farm; £1050 Windy Hill Farm. CH- £1100 Brown Edge; £960 Claughton Hall. HE- £1200 Raw Head; £1150 Windy Hill Farm; £1090 Bank House Farm. SIM- £1080 Manor House Farm; £950 Claughton Hall Farm. ST- £980 Low Foulshaw Farm; £940 Brow Foot Farm. BRB- £1210 Abrahams Farm;£1140 Manor House Farm; £1030 Carr House Farm.
BULLS – LIM- £640 Oatland Farm; £520 Lower Barker Farm. BRB- £600 Lower Barker Farm.
CAST COWS – FR- 127.5 Higher Broadwood Farm; 119.5 Bainsbank Farm; 119.5 Bank End Farm. AA- 164.5 Springfield; 117.5 Cragg Farm. SHO- 61.5 Bank House Farm. LIM- 147.5 Hutton Roof Hall; 129.5 Cragg End; 101.5 Millbeck. CH- 129.5 Oatland Farm. HE- 119.5 Low Hundhowe. SIM- 139.5 New House Farm; 127.5 Oatland Farm; 121.5 Low Hundhowe. ST- 127.4 Low Foulshaw Farm. BRB- 134.5 Sowermire; 127.5 Mireside Farm; 121.5 Springfield. MO- 119.5 Ireby Hall; 97.5 Dale Barns. SRW- 121.5 Lawrence House. FKV- 124.5 Norbreck Farm.
CAST HEIFERS – FR- 157.5 Holme House Farm; 154.5 Gardners Farm; 131.5 Foredales Farm. MO- 144.5 Ireby Hall.
CAST/PRIME BULLS & BULLOCKS – FR- 164.5 Barn Owl Farm. AA- 184.5 Barn Owl Farm. LIM- 214.5 Hutton Rood Hall. BRB- 149.5 Barn Owl Farm.
BULL CALF – FR- £125 Blackleach House Farm; £118 Boldens Farm; £100 Tills Farm. HE- £350 Birkland Barrow. BRB- £560 Boldens Farm; £405 Walkers I’th Fields.
BULL STIRK –FR- £265 Boon Town Farm. AA- £445 Boon Town Farm. HE- £310 Stirk Hey Farm. BRB- £495 Boon Town Farm.
BULLOCK STIRK- FR- £118 The Bungalow.
HEIFER CALF – AA- £160 Sandvilla. LIM- £350 Boldens Farm. HE- £178 Birkland Barrow. BRB- £430 Boldens Farm; £178 North Farm.
HEIFER STIRK- AA- £620 Cock Hall Farm. LIM- £390 Boon Town Farm. BRB- £675 Cock Hall Farm; £455 Boon Town Farm.

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