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J36 Tuesday 05/08/14

Posted Wednesday, 06 August 2014, 10.26am

North West Auctions had 2545 sheep forward at its weekly sale with all classes keenly competed for by a ringside of seventeen active buyers representing 33 accounts.

Best meated lambs were regularly 178p/kg-188p/kg topping at 197.4p/kg for Beltex x lambs from F & B Smith and was very closely followed by JW Robinson & Son who sold their lambs at 197p/kg. Suffolks from TH Garnett & Son sold to 178p/kg. Mules are now coming forward in greater numbers and sold to 170p/kg from Fishwick Bros., and JC Hodgson. Texel lambs from TH & D Cornthwaite topped the market at £90, Charollais lambs sold to £87 from KB & M Walker, Suffolks to £80 from Taylor Bros who also sold Mules at £74.

An overall average of 172.3p/kg was achieved with Farm Assured lambs selling to a premium.

Top Prices per head

Breed   Price     Vendor
Texel     £90       TH & D Cornthwaite, Low Tarn Green
Texel     £88       A & CM Carter, Black Bull Farm
Texel     £87       J Holme & Son, Hollowmire Farm
Char      £87       KB & M Walker, Smithy Cottage
Texel     £83       H Newton, Low Levens Farm

Top Prices per kilo

Breed   Price         Vendor
Beltex   197.4p/kg   F & B Smith, The View
Texel    197.0p/kg   JW Robinson & Son, Green Close
Beltex   188.9p/kg   D & DW Prickett, Farleton House
Texel    188.5p/kg   S P Pease, Underley
Texel    188.2p/kg   C Dean & LJ Brennand, Lodge Bank

Cast Sheep
475 cast sheep sold to £105 for Texels from RA Steadman with meated heavy Continentals regularly £86-£99. Mules peaked at £89 from HR & KA Hodgson and regularly achieved £72-£84. Hill ewes sold to £73 for Rough Fell from G & W Penny with Cheviots £69 from JJ & M Metcalfe. Swaledales generally £32-£76. Buyers who are looking for grazing ewes are now starting to attend so take advantage of the extra competition. All cast sheep today averaged £64.28

Cast Sheep Top Prices
Texel: £105 Ellergill Farm; £103 Ashtree Cottage; £99 Benson Hall, Howriggs; £94 (ram) Marsh Grange Farm; £93 Castle How. Char: £88 Silverhow Farm. Mule: £89 Howriggs; £86 Benson Hall; £84 Toadpool; £80 New Close, Ashtree Cottage. Rough Fell: £73 Marsh Grange Farm; £60 Howriggs; £58 Millbeck; £55 High Farm. Swale: £60 Hill Croft; £58 Barrowfield; £49 Middle Sadghyll; £45 Brown Edge. Chev: £69 Orchard House; £60 Birch Bank. Beltex: £94 (ram) Steel Croft. Jacob: £50 Farleton House. Zwart: £67 Silverhow Farm.

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