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Lancaster Friday 04/04/2014

Posted Friday, 04 April 2014, 2.41pm

Lancaster Weekly Sale of Store Cattle

Quality Cattle a Strong Trade At Lancaster

Store Cattle

An entry of 350 cattle forward with the quality of cattle on show being very mixed with quality cattle being good to sell and in strong demand. Topping the day’s trade was David Moorhouse of Natland selling a quality two year old Limousin steer for £1500. This was closely followed by Mesr E & CA Shuttleworth of Ulverston selling Limousin steers to £1390 with others in the strong consignment selling to £1380. Heifers topped at £1220 for a British Blue from Walter Parkinson of Garstang. The trade saw leaner types of black and whites harder to place on the day.

OTM and Cast Cattle

There was a strong entry of 77 cattle forward today in the OTM ring with a better quality of cattle on show with less cows straight out of the parlour forwarded. The trade was sharper with over age black and white steers selling to 171.5ppk from C Hargreaves & Son of Overton. Black and white cast heifers from SJ & LM Towler of Birds Farm sold to 149.5. Cast cows sold to a top of 141.5ppk for a British Blue X from RG & H Preece of Thornbush. All cattle forward averaged 118ppk with it noted that the trade was sharper at Lancaster than local competitors.

Calves & Stirks

An entry of 35 calves and stirks forward this morning with calves being made up of predominantly black and white, older black and white calves sold to £95 with a younger smart 1month old from David Wallbank selling to £118. Good sorts regularly £40-£60. Continental calves sold to £138 for an Angus heifer from JE & J Pye, Quernmore. More calves could have been sold to the vendor’s advantage, especially beef and native bred.

Another good number of, 17 Stirks this morning, were met by a flying trade with all vendors leaving happy. A run of 6-7m AA bulls and heifers from Kelsall & Wood, Quernmore sold to a top of £565 for 3 well fleshed bulls, with a fraction younger bulls selling to £432, heifers from the same home sold to £390. Peter Whitaker, of Quernmore sold Angus heifer stirks to £350. A nice run of smart Charollais and Limousin bullocks and heifers from S Rossall, Over Wyresdale sold to £635 and £620 for Charollais bullocks and £565 and £535 for heifers. A run of younger sorts from AW & AM Park & Sons, Ellel sold to £408 for Blue bulls and £350 for blue heifers.


STORE BULLOCKS – LIM- £1500 High House Farm; £1390 Far Mount; £1350 Old Woodhouse; £1320 Lentworth Farm; £1290 Raw Head. CH- £1380 Far Mount; £1360 Cross House Farm; £1250 Intack Farm; £1220 Hawkrigg End; £1060 Greenlands Farm. HE- £1300 Windy Hill Farm; £1160 The Old Stable; £1070 Marlholes Farm; £950 Shorrocks Farm. BRB- £1260 Claughton Hall Farm; £1200 Greenlands Farm; £1200 Hawkrigg End; £1190 Carlingwha; £1140 King Bank Farm; £1130 Bouthwaite Farm; £1010 Southways. SIM- £1260 Crankwood Farm; £1250 Walmsley Fold. AA- £1240 Underhelm Farm; £1210 Raw Head; £1200 Far Mount; £1150 Bank Field Farm; £1140 New Parkside Farm; £1120 West Lynn; £1050 Isle of Skye Farm. BA- £1230 Far Mount; £1170 Intack Farm. SHO- £1190 Bouthwaite Farm; £780 Isle of Skye Farm. MO- £990 Fanny House Farm; £980 Walmsley Fold. FR- £960 Bridge Farm; £820 Cockrigg Farm; £810 Well House Farm; £760 Gulf Farm; £730 Carter House; £700 Liscoe Farm; £630 Isle of Skye Farm; £580 Summerland’s. SRW - £840 Fanny House Farm; £630 Higher Brundhurst Farm. MRI- £550 Higher Brundhurst Farm. BS- £440 121 Pilling Lane.

STORE HEIFERS – BRB- £1220 Cross House Farm; £1050 Bouthwaite Farm; £1030 Southways; £950 Carlingwha; £860 The Bungalow; £740 Low Woodedge Farm. LIM- £1170 Cross House Farm; £1120 Carlingwha; £1100 Cross House Farm; £1090 Bouthwaite Farm.CH- £1150 West Lynn; £1100 Hawkrigg End; £1090 Bouthwaite Farm; £980 Croppers Farm. HE- £1140 Marlholes Farm; £1140 Windy Hill Farm; £940 Marlholes Farm.SIM- £1140 West Lynn. AA- £1140 New Parkside Farm; £1100 Claughton Hall Farm; £990 Southways; £980 Croppers Farm; £970 Summerland’s; £960 Isle of Skye Farm; £960 Crooklands Farm; £740 Dee View. BA- £1020 Bouthwaite Farm; £780 The Bungalow. BAZ- £950 Cross House Farm.

CAST COWS – BRB- 141.5 Thornbush Farm. LIM- 139.5 Far Orrest; 137.5 Yates Farm; 137.5 Barn Owl Farm. SIM- 139.5 Manor Farm. AA- 137.5 Eskew Beck; 127.5 Burnt House. BS- 134.5 Parkside Farm. WB- 129.5 Cobble Hey Farm. HE- 129.5 Cobble Hey Farm; 127.5 Eskew Beck. FR- 127.5 Lathwaite Farm; 124.5 High Snab; 124.5 Stirzakers Farm; 121.5 Endmoor Farm; 121.5 Gibsons Farm; 121.5 Chapel House; 121.5 Bannister Farm. MRI- 124.5 Sandvilla. SD- 124.5 Cobble Hey Farm. SRW- 84.5 Hood Ridding Farm.

CAST HEIFERS – FR- 149.5 Birds Park Farm; 127.5 Lawsons Farm.

CAST/PRIME BULLS & BULLOCKS – FR- 171.5 Sunderland Brow Farm; 167.5 Barn Owl Farm; 154.5 Sunderland Brows Farm; 134.5 Hazelslack Tower Farm; 111.5 Hatters Farm. LIM- 141.5 Thornbush Farm. SD- 129.5 Hatters Farm.

BULL CALF – FR- £118 Tills Farm; £95 Higher Knowehill; £80 Blackwood End; £60 Catshaw Hall Farm; £60 Holly House Farm.

BULL STIRK – AA- £565 Lower Langthwaite Farm; £362 Walkers I’th Fields. BRB- £408 Walkers I’th Fields. MO- £265 Walkers I’th Fields.

BULLOCK STIRK- CH- £635 Stonehead.

HEIFER CALF – AA- £128 Gibsons Farm.

HEIFER STIRKS – CH- £565 Stonehead. LIM- £535 Stonehead. AA- £390 Lower Langthwaite Farm; £350 Greenwoods.

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