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Lancaster Friday 28/03/14

Posted Friday, 28 March 2014, 4.43pm

Over 520 head of cattle at NWA Lancaster, Store to £1480, OTMs to 189.5ppk & £1195, Calves to £285 and Stirks to £510.


A busy day again at NWA Lancaster with 338 stores forward. Cattle were a good trade considering the dropping deadweight prices. Topping the market today was a 23month Charollais bullock from J Bargh, Heaton with Oxcliffe, realising £1480.

Angus bullocks sold to £1200 from both G Sagar, Caton and Myerscough College. With AA heifers from SJ Bras, Ingleton selling to £1220.

Limousin bullocks from DE & SM Mooorhouse, Natland sold to £1390 with others at £1350 from Bargh Contractors, Heaton with Oxcliffe. Limousin heifers sold to £1210 from JS & KM Wilson & Son, High House.

Herefords bullocks from SJ Brass, sold to £1280 with heifers from AJ & D Knowles at £1220.

Black and White bullocks sold to £1010 from TJ Robinson, Milnthorpe, with leaner sorts harder to place.


What a difference a week makes, a fantastic entry of calves and stirks forward selling to a full ring side of buyers, made up of predominately farmer buyers. Trade topped in the calf section at £285 for a strong British Blue Heifer, at 35days from DW Cottam, New Hutton. With a Hereford heifer from the same home realising £270. Bull calves topped at £228 for a nice 32 day Lim from J Bargh & Son. Blakc and White calves sodl to a top of £128 on two occasions from JB & JB Lawson, Cockerham and Joylan Farms, St Michaels, both at 6-7weeks. Smart black and whites regularly in excess of £110 with other better sorts £60-£85.

A nice entry of stirks forward this morning selling to a top of £510 for a pair of 6month Angus heifers from Raby Contract Services, Cabus, also from the same home a 6month AA bull sold to £490. Black and White bull stirks sold to £302 again from Raby Contract Services, with a run of 4 5month B&W’s from Kelsall and Wood selling to £230 on two occasions. A nice run of continental stirks from AW & AM Park & Sons sold to £455 for 6m BrB Bulls with others at £440, £410 & £400. Younger stirks at 4months from Trevor Sharp, Kendal sold to £385 for BrB Bulls and £360 from Lim Bulls.


A far better entry on the week, with 113 forward. Trade topped at 189.5ppk for a cast Montbeliarde heifer from T & JM Fawcett & Sons, Ireby. Top price over all was £1195 for a Charollais Cow from Ballacutchel Farms, IOM. Cast cows averaged 116.06ppk, cast heifers averaged 141.62ppk and cast bulls 129.5ppk.

Black and White cows sold to a top of 159.5ppk again from Ballacutchel Farms, with others at 134.5ppk (twice) from JS & KM Wilson & Son, High House. An overall average of 110.37ppk right through. Beef cows sold well with AA to 141.5ppk, Lims to 159.5ppk and Charollais to 169.5ppk.

Black and White cast heifers sold to a top of 137.5ppk from JT & B Fox, Quernmore and R Townley & Son, Stodday.

Cast bulls and steers sold to a top of 149.5ppk for a B&W from G & AS Whitaker, Burrow. British Blue from EJ Burrow, Storth sold to 179ppk.


STORE BULLOCKS – CH- £1480 Old Woodhouse; £1380 Newsham Hall; £1110 The Bungalow; £700 23 Market Street. BRB- £1450 Sykes Fold Farm; £1170 Fleets Farm; £1080 Low Fell End; £970 Springfield; £950 The Bungalow; £830 Whinney Garth Side. LIM- £1390 High House; £1350 Old Woodhouse; £1260 Newsham Hall Farm; £1160 Low Fell End; £1140 Hazelslack Tower Farm; £1130 Higher Knowehill; £1130 North Farm; £1120 Sykes Fold Farm; £1090 Meadow Park. HE- £1280 2 Church Street; £1160 High House Farm; £1070 Colloway Farm; £1040 Low Fell End; £990 The Bungalow; £880 High House Farm; £840 Ballacutchel Farm Ltd; £760 Friars Moss. AA- £1200 New Parkside Farm; £1200 Myerscough Hall; £1190 Windy Hill Farm; £1170 Park Farm; £1170 New Ridge Farm; £1110 Milton Moor Farm; £1080 North Farm; £1010 Sykes Fold Farm. MO- £1170 Fanny House Farm; £680 Grisedale Farm; £530 Whinney Carr Farm. SD- £1170 New Ridge Farm; £700 23 Market Streets. FR- £1010 Rowell Farm; £900 Cockrigg Farm; £830 Downlands Farm; £810 Gulf Farm; £790 Low House; £780 Fleets Farm; £750 Singleton Grange Farm; £740 Middle Ridge Farm. AY- £920 Newsham Hall Farm. SIM- £900 Low Fell End; £890 Ballacutchel Farm Ltd; £820 Friars Moss; £780 Ballacutchel Farm Ltd. SHO- £840 Isle Of Skye Farm. SRW- £750 Fanny House Farm.

STORE HEIFERS – CH- £1270 Newsham Hall Farm; £1160 High House Farm; £1100 High House; £960 Middle Ridge Farm. AA- £1220 2 Church Street; £1120 Myerscough Hall; £1120 High House; £1110 Rowell Farm; £1100 New Parkside Farm; £1070 Park Farm;£1060 Milton Moor Farm; £800 Eskew Beck. HE- £1220 Windy Hill Farm; £920 Sandholme Mill; £900 Friars Moss; £890 High House Farm; £770 Cammall Farm; £700 High House Farm. LIM- £1210 High House; £1120 Croppers Farm; £1060 Prospect Farm; £980 Higher Knowehill; £880 Whinney Garth; £750 Springfield. BRB- £1160 High House Farm; £1090 High House; £950 Prospect Farm; £890 Sandholme Mill Farm; £870 Cotestones Farm; £860 Friars Moss; £810 The Bungalow; £730 Springfield. SIM- £900 Sandholme Mill; £840 Eskew Beck; £770 Cammall Farm; £760 Bull Bank Farm. MO- £850 Myerscough House. BAZ- £840 Friars Moss; £700 Whinney Garth. SD- £720 Cammall Farm. FR- £550 Friars Moss. ST- £470 Sandholme Mill.

BULLS – BRB- £660 Clawthorpe Lodge. AA- £660 Newton Villa.

CAST COWS – CH- 169.5 Ballacutchel Farm Ltd. LIM- 159.5 Ballacutchel Farm Ltd; 157.5 Oak Head Bank; 134.5 23 Market Street. FR- 159.5 Mount Murray; 134.5 High House; 129.5 Parkside Farm; 129.5 Sellerley Farm; 129.5 Abbotson Farm; 127.5 Milton Moor Farm; 127.5 Whinney Carr Farm; 124.5 Pasture Barn Farm. SIM- 154.5 Ballacutchel Farm Ltd; 124.5 High House. AA- 141.5 Ballacutchel Farm Ltd. BA- 141.5 Aughton Hall. HE- 134.5 Middle Lee Farm. BLG- 121.5 Ballacutchel Farm Ltd. SRW- 121.5 Lawrence House. JE- 97.5 Ballacutchel Farm Ltd; 64.5 Hague Farm. BS- 77.5 Lawrence House.

CAST HEIFERS – MO- 189.5 Ireby Hall. FR- 137.5 Blackwood End; 137.5 Whinney Carr Farm; 111.5 Batty Hill.

CAST/PRIME BULLS & BULLOCKS – BRB- 179.5 Hazelslack Tower Farm. MO- 151.5 Ireby Hall. FR- 149.5 Johnson House; 147.5 Low House; 119.5 Crankwood Farm; 104.5 Batty Farm.

BULL CALF – LIM- £228 North Farm. BRB- £140 North Farm; £120 Manor House Farm. FR- £128 Bank End Farm; £128 Stanley Farm; £115 Blackwood End; £85 Blackleach House Farm. HE- £120 Manor House Farm.

HEIFER CALF – BRB- £285 Hagg Farm; £165 Manor House Farm; £110 North Farm. HE- £270 Hagg Farm; £140 Manor House Farm. LIM- £135 North Farm. AA- £132 Sweetings Farm.

BULL STIRK – AA- £490 Cabus Nook Farm; £445 Walkers I’th Fields. BRB- £455 Walkers I’th Fields; £385 Gateside Farm. SRW- £375 Walkers I’th Fields. LIM- £360 Gateside Farm. FR- £302 Cabus Nook Farm; £255 Lower Langthwaite.

HEIFER STIRK- AA- £510 Cabus Nook Farm.

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