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Lancaster Friday 14/3/14

Posted Friday, 14 March 2014, 2.52pm

A busy day at NWA Lancaster’s weekly Friday Sale sees 400 head of cattle through three rings.

Store Cattle

A busy ring of buyers and onlookers this morning saw stores sell to a top of £1500 for a Charollais bullock from DE & SM Moorhouse, Natland.

Limousin bullocks sold well this morning with all forward averaging £1210, selling to a top of £1490 again from DE & SM Moorhouse, Natland. A nice run of 16 bullocks and heifers from TR Prickett, Hutton Roof, saw bullocks sell to £1460, with others at £1400 and £1360. Heifers from Messers Prickett sold to £1090. Lim heifers top at £1160 from HR & KA Hodgson, Howriggs, with many more above the £1000 mark.

Angus bullocks sold to a top of £1260 from G Sagar & Son, Caton, who also had Angus heifers at £960. Other Angus bullocks from D & N Davis, Garstang sold to £1240.

Blue bullocks, again from D & N Davis, Garstang sold to £1300 for a smart 25month pair. Blue heifers sold to £1310 from M Shepherd & Sons, Pilling, with others from the same home at £1230 and £1200.


A good entry of strong calves this morning, with both new vendors and new buyers in attendance. Calves sold to a high of £452 for a British Blue Bull at 2m 4d from CG Birkett, Carnforth, a Hereford Bull from the same home sold to £405. Blue bulls from new vendor, S & IA Robinson & Son, Burton sold to £300 for 7week olds, with 6week old blue heifers realising £255. JR Pye, Stalmine had nice 39day Angus heifers to £190 & £180 with Angus bulls from Barker Farms Ltd at £175 and £160 from JE & J Pye, Quernmore.

Black and white calves sold well, topping at £132 on two occasions from Wallbank Farms, Abbeystead & CG Birkett, Carnforth. An entry of 29 black and whites sold to an average of £79/head, with half the entry exceeding the £100 barrier. Strong black and whites regularly £115-£132 with good sorts £60-£80.

A 7 month Angus bull stirk sold to £440 from A Shepherd, Muffys Platt Farm.

Cast Cows

Just short of 100 cast cows forward this morning sold to a top pence per kilo of 181.5ppk (£1443/head) for a British Blue Bull from ST Birkett of Hall Croft Barn.

British Blue cast cows sold to 144.5ppk from GM & R Whitaker, Forton, another Blue cow from the same home realised 141.5ppk. Lim cast cows sold to 141.5ppk from F & ML Lee & Son, Bentham, with cast Lim steers selling 164.5ppk JA & SM Allen, Barker Knot. Montbeliarde cows sold to 139.5ppk from T & JM Fawcett & Son, Ireby. Black and White cast cows sold to a top of 141.5ppk from GT & M Lawson & Son, Bentham, with many more in the 128-139 region. All black and white cows sold to a market average of 118ppk. Black and White heifers sold to 124.5ppk from Joylan Farms, Stanley Farm. Cast black and white bulls sold to 167.5ppk from AT Burrow & Son, Gressingham.


STORE BULLOCKS – CH- £1500 High House; £1410 Intack Farm; £1330 High House. LIM- £1490 High House; £1460 Hutton Roof Hall; £1390 Carlingwha; £1360 Dowlands Farm; £1310 Millbeck. HE- £1310 New Parkside Farm; £1140 Marlholes Farm; £950 Corney Hill Farm. ST- £1310 Low Foulshaw Farm. BRB- £1300 Cragg Farm; £1250 Daniel Fold Farm; £1150 Bouthwaite Farm; £1110 The Bungalow; £1080 Sykes Fold Farm; £1000 Fellside Farm. SIM- £1290 Cragg Farm; £1250 Hilderstone Farm; £1240 Jane Lane Farm; £1120 Bouthwaite Farm; £1070 Low Fell End. AA- £1260 New Parkside Farm; £1240 Cragg Farm; £1140 Cock Hall Farm; £1120 Bouthwaite Farm; £1100 Forton Bank Farm; £1050 Sykes Fold Farm; £1030 Moor House; £990 Lundholme Farm; £790 Wyre Farm; £770 Whinmore Fold Farm. BA- £1190 Millbeck; £1110 Bouthwaite Farm. FR- £1100 Benson Hall; £1000 High Green; £970 Abbotson Farm; £950 Dowlands Farm; £930 Staffords Farm; £920 Springfield House. MO- £1070 Grange Farm; £1030 Daniel Fold Farm; £910 Middle Ridge Farm. SHO- £980 Cock Hall Farm. SD- £910 Market Street. SRW- £790 121 Pilling Lane; £670 Middle Ridge Farm; £640 Wyre Farm. SA- £760 Fell End Farm. MRI- £590 Wyre Farm.

STORE HEIFERS – BRB- £1310 Pasture House; £1110 Bouthwaite Farm; £1090 Prospect Farm; £1050 Wilson House Farm; £1040 Carlingwha. LIM- £1160 Howriggs; £1100 Croppers Farm; £1100 Whelpside Farm; £1090 Hutton Roof Hall; £1050 Hilderstone Farm; £1040 Lower Castle o Trim. SIM- £1130 Low Fell End; £1090 Hilderstone Farm; £910 Low Fell End. ST- £1100 Croppers Farm. CH- £1090 Bouthwaite Farm. BA- £1080 Intack Farm. AA- £910 New Parkside Farm; £870 High Green; £670 Newton Villa. SD- £760 Market Street.

BULLS – AA- £1070 Granville House. FR- £980 Hood Ridding Farm.

CAST COWS – BRB- 144.5 Goose Green; 137.5 Hall Croft Barn. LIM- 141.5 Oak Head Barn; 124.5 River View. FR- 141.5 Oak Bank; 139.5 Parkside Farm; 134.5 Sandvilla; 134.5 Bank End Farm; 134.5 High Snab; 131.5 Low Levens; 131.5 Boundary House; 131.5 Bank End Farm; 129.5 Longber Farm. SIM- 139.5 Intack Farm. MO-139.5 Ireby Hall. BS- 127.5 Parkside Farm. SRW- 124.5 Sandvilla. SHO- 121.5 Castle How; 117.5 Stanley Farm. GA- 91.5 Barker Knott.

CAST HEIFERS – FKV- 179.5 Norbreck Farm; 139.5 Brow Foot Farm. JE- 147.5 Half Way House. FR- 124.5 Stanley Farm; 117.5 Oak Bank.

CAST/PRIME BULLS & BULLOCKS - BRB- 181.5 Hall Croft Barn. FR- 167.5 High Snab; 141.5 Cock Hall Farm; 104.5 Cocker House Farm. LIM- 164.5 Barker Knott; 129.5 Hood Ridding Farm. CH- 127.5 Rooten Brook.

BULL CALF – BRB- £452 Netherbeck Barn; £300 Longber Farm. HE- £405 Netherbeck Barn. AA- £175 Hillam House Farm; £160 Gibson’s Farm. FR- £170 Tills Farm; £132 Netherbeck Barn; £122 Bank End Farm; £118 Aughton Hall Farm.

BULL STIRK –. AA- £440 Muffys Platt Farm

HEIFER CALF – BRB- £255 Longber Farm. AA- £190 Hatters Farm; £145 Gibson’s Farm.

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