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J36 Crooklands Tuesday 18th February 2014

Posted Wednesday, 19 February 2014, 4.06pm

Caption: Champion Pair of Prime Hoggs from AG Butler of Hambleton. NWA Director George Robinson thanked staff, sellers and buyers for their support over the past year and presented Andrew Butler with an Anniversary Tankard

Prime Hoggs to £135 or 321.4p/kg

J36 Rural Auction Centre celebrated it’s First Birthday at the new site. With a marvellous show of 1816 prime hoggs and cast sheep were put before a full ringside of buyers, which ensured all classes of sheep met a flying trade.

A prize show for pairs of hoggs was held today to celebrate the First Anniversary. The judging of the Show Hoggs was undertaken by Mr Jim Hadwin of Kirkby Lonsdale, who had two strong classes of lowland and hill breed hoggs put before him. After judging the two classes , the judge had a cracking pair of Beltex x hoggs shown by Andrew Butler of Hambleton, which won the lowland breed hoggs class, go up against a fantastic pair of Herdwick hoggs, shown by the Hodgson Brothers of Rydal Farm, which won the hill breed hogg class. After careful deliberation, the judge awarded the Championship rosette to the Beltex x hoggs, which were bought as Store Lambs last November out of J36. The judge backed his decision by buying the hoggs for the day’s top price of £135 a head.


Lowland Breed Hoggs

1st A G Butler, Hambleton 42kg £135 to J Hadwin

2nd A G Butler, Hamlbeton 41kg £104 to Bowood Yorkshire Lamb

3rd Fishwick Farms, Silverdale 41kg £103 to Bowood Yorkshire Lamb

Hill Breed Hoggs

1st Messrs Hodgson, Rydal Farm 42kg £85 to M Lomax

2nd Miss A E A Harrison, Boundary Beck 40kg £75 to M Lomax

3rd Underley Estates, Kirkby Lonsdale 37kg £82 to J Hadwin

Trade was strong right throughout the sale with, once again, a large proportion of the hoggs being hill breed. The best export type hoggs were regularly 245p-265p/kg, topping at 321.4p/kg. Commercial Tex/Suff x hoggs 210p-220p/kg. Handy weighted Mule & Horned hoggs also found strong demand, regularly 180p-190p/kg. Once again, a large show of heavy hoggs forward, which sold to a top price of £101/head.

More hoggs of all classes are required each week to fill orders. An overall market average of 199.43p/kg was achieved.

Cast Sheep

Once again, a good show of sheep forward with the best sheep seeing little difference on the week but plainer hill bred sheep were £4-£5/head dearer.

On behalf of all the Staff and Directors of North West Auctions, we would like to say a huge thank you to you all who have supported us in our first year at J36, and also at our Lancaster market. Here’s to the future.

Top prices

Prime Hoggs: Suff: £92 Salterwath Farm; £91 New Hall, Greenbank Farm, Walnut Hill; £90 Underley Estate. Mash: £68 Crooklands Farm. Mule: £91 Red Scar; £89, £85 Walnut Hill; £82.50 Mansrigg Hall, Lodge Bank Farm; £82 High Loanthwaite. Swale: £80, £78 Sykes Farm; £78 The Galleon. RF: £78, £75.50 Boundary Beck; £76 The Galleon. Char: £88 Little Guards; £87 The Hill. Chev: £93, £89 Mansrigg Hall; £88 Underley Estate. Tex: £104 Parks Farm Barn; £103, £98 Bank House Farm; £101, £100 Millom Castle; £97 Little Guards, Low Chapel Farm. Lleyn: £93, £83, £82 Low Foulshaw Farm. Leic: £83 Scargill Farm. Grit: £72 Overhouses. Herd: £85 Rydal Farm; £63 Boundary Beck. Belt: £135 Parks Farm Barn; £103 Lodge Bank Farm; £100 The Dell; £98 Millom Castle, Holme Field; £97 Steel Croft, Far Highfield.

Cast Sheep: Suff: £96, £74 Ninezergh; £86, £80 Mansrigg Hall. Mash: £74, £67 Southfield Farm. Mule: £74 Mansrigg Hall; £72 Low Chapel Farm; £70 Crabtree Farm, Cracalt Farm. Swale: £64, £54 Middle Sadghyll; £62, £52 Woodside Farm; £60 Well Foot; £54 Coniston Hall Farm, Sykes Farm. RF: £70 Low House; £60, £53 Ninezergh; £59, £52 Southfield Farm. SBF: £53 Moss End Farm. Chev: £63 Ninezergh; £60, £48 High Arnside Farm. Tex: £88, £84 Low Tarn Green; £84 Blea Tarn; £82 Ninezergh; £76 Hallbeck, Hill Park; £75 High Gateside. Lleyn: £75, £74 Low Foulshaw. Leic: £80 Low Newton Farm; £65 Nether House Farm. Herd: £45, £42, £40 Coniston Hall Farm. Belt: £74 Moss End Farm.

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