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J36 Crooklands Tuesday 21st January 2014

Posted Tuesday, 21 January 2014, 5.29pm


A smaller show of 1647 Prime Hoggs and Cast Sheep were put before a ringside of 15 active buyers, who were all keen to secure sheep for orders. Trade showed an increase of 9p/kg up on the week to leave an overall average of 183.17p/kg, with best hoggs regularly 215-225p/kg, topping at 227.8p/kg for a pen of Beltex x hoggs from R F Morphet of Halton. A top price of £94/head for a pen of Texel hoggs from John Bargh of Morecambe.

Once again, hoggs 38-42 kg were the easiest to sell but all classes saw a significant rise on the week.

Cast Sheep

These topped at £112/head for a Texel ewe from B & D Willison & Son of Levens. Once again, well fed sheep were good to sell, whilst buyers are very cautious of over fat sheep.

Top prices

Prime Hoggs: Suff: £93 Hawkswell Farm; £87 Moss Howe Farm; £83 Meadow Oaks, The Galleon; £82.50 Lane Farm; £82 Nook Farm; £81.50 Low House Farm, The Galleon. Mash: £68 Middale Farm. Mule: £80, £78 Keskadale; £79 Red Scar; £77, £73.50 Hawkswell Farm; £75, £74 Nether Houses Farm. Rgh Fell: £67.50, £64 Riddings; £66.50 Boundary Beck. Horn: £68.50 Middle Sadghyll; £66 Low Longmire; £65 Well Foot; £64 Flodder Hall. Char: £86 Kirket Nook, Hill Park; £79 Hollowmire Farm, Hill Park; £75 Broats Farm. Chev: £73, £71.50 Underley Estate; £72.50 Hall Bank. Tex: £94, £88, £86 Old Woodhouse; £93 Red Scar; £92 Wray Farm; £88 The Galleon; £87 Low Chapel Farm; £86 Broats Farm. Jacob: £64 High Mill. Herd: £64 Nether Houses Farm; £63 Hawkswell Farm. Belt: £90 Lane Farm; £89 Poppy Farm; £82, £76 Far Highfield.

Cast Sheep: Suff: £80 Poppy Farm, Heathwaite Farm; £78 Capplethwaite Hall, Heathwaite Farm; £76 Hawkswell Farm. Cont: £98 Low Chapel Farm; £74 Green Lane End Farm. Mule: £55 Capplethwaite Hall, Moss Howe Farm; £54 Hill Park; £52 Wyke Farm, Crabtree Farm, Sunny Bank. Swale: £43 Moss Howe Farm; £38 Cinderbarrow Farm; £37 Preston Patrick Hall, Grayrigg Hall. Rgh Fell: £58 Poppy Farm, Croft Foot; £52 High Swinklebank; £51 Crabtree Farm. Char: £88 Hollowmire Farm. Chev: £42 Green Lane End Farm. Tex: £112 Cinderbarrow Farm; £74 Poppy Farm; £70 The Drive, Hill Park; £68 The Drive, Mansergh High Farm. Leic: £73 Hawkswell Farm; £68 Grayrigg Hall; £64 Preston Patrick Hall; £63 Hawkswell Farm.

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