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J36 Crooklands - Tuesday 14/01/14

Posted Wednesday, 15 January 2014, 12.53pm

Once again another large entry of 1734 prime hoggs and 725 cast sheep were forward. Good quality export hoggs 38-41kgs being in the greatest demand and showing very little change on the week topping at 237.8pkg for a pen of smart 37kg Beltex x hoggs from Robert & Stuart Boyren of Colton, these also topped the sale at £88 per head. Generally, with a lot of major abattoirs being full of sheep, commercial Suffolk & Texel x hoggs as with Mule & Horned hoggs all saw a slight drop in price on the week.

Our cafe here at Junction 36, Cafe’ Ambio, bought two Rough Fell hoggs out of the sale ring from Brian & Jayne Knowles of High Borrowbridge which they intend to serve at the Rough Fell Sheep Breeders Association social evening on Friday 24th January.

A large show of cast sheep and rams were sold to a ringside of buyers with all classes of ewes being slightly easier on the week due once again to the large numbers of sheep on the market.

The opening monthly sale for pigs of 2014 saw all pigs sell to an improved trade. Prime pigs sold to £123 for best white pigs from Messrs Atkinson & Greatorex with others £108 from AJ Horn. Porkers sold to £95 from E Lawson with others at £86 & £85. Sows reached £125 & £120 from J Ivenson with weaners selling to £35 for Saddlebacks from Messrs Gawthrop with others at £32.

PIGS - Prices to note:
Fat Pigs (white) £123, £108
Fat Pigs (coloured) £100
Porkers (white) £95, £86 & £85
Stores (white) £80, £65 & £62
Weaners (white) £28
Weaners (coloured) £32, £30 & £28

– Beltex: £88 Hill Park; £86 Holme Field; £82 Stubb Farm. Texel: £85 High Hallbeck; £84 Walmsley Fold, Hill Park; £81 Millom Castle, Underley, Clarfe; £80 Causeway, Low Barrows Green, Low Tarn Green. Suffolk: £79 Low Tarn Green; £77 Whittington Farm; £75.50 Ninezergh; £75 High House, Brow Head. Masham: £71 Walnut Hill; £66.50 Middale Farm; £64 Red Lodge. Mule: £71 Walnut Hill; £69 The Borrans, Hillcroft; £68 Heaton Hall, Boundary Beck; £67.50 Crabtree Farm. Swaledale: £64.50 Middale Farm; £60.50 Overthwaite; £54 Scargill Farm. Rough Fell: £68.50 Boundary Beck; £63 High Borrowbridge; £62.50 Sproat Ghyll; £62 Moor House. Scotch B/F: £48 Cooilineel. Char: £78 Hill Park; £72 Walmsley Fold; £70 Templands Park. Chev: £78 Underley; £70.50 High Arnside; £68.50 Crooklands Farm. Leic: £69 Scargill; £68 Boundary Beck, Barrowfield. Gritstone: £59 Hole House. Herdwick: £61 Moss House.
CAST EWES – Suffolk: £63 Balthane; £58 Cooilineel. Masham: £54 Orphan Crag. Mule: £60 Cooilineel, Redhills; £53 Low House; £50 Beckfoot Farm Cottage, Underley, Walmsley Fold. Swale: £43 Scargill, Brow Head; £41 Old School House; £40 Hillcroft. Rough Fell: £50 Boundary Beck; £44 Woodside; £43 Moss End Farm, Moor House. Scotch B/F: £40 Moss End Farm, Cooilineel. Char: £62 Kirket Nook; £56 Dale View. Chev: £58 Beckfoot Farm Cottage; £45 High Arnside. Texel: £78 Cooilineel; £74 Walmsley Fold; £70 High Underbrow; £64 Moss End Farm. Leicester: £70 Kit Cragg. Jacob: £36 Kirket Nook. Gritstone: £39 Moss End Farm. Herdwick: £41 Meadow Top. Beltex: £56 Wood Broughton Barn.
CAST RAMS – Suffolk: £70 Redhills. Rough Fell: £54 Croft Foot. Char: £52 Cooilineel. Texel: £78 Balthane; £76 Hillcroft; £74 Cooilineel; £73 Causeway; £72 Moss End Farm. Leicester: £72 Rankthhorn; £62 High House; £60 Moser Hill. Gritstone: £40 Moss End. Herdwick: £40 Moss End.

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