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NWA J36 Crooklands Thursday 29 August 2013

Posted Thursday, 29 August 2013, 4.31pm

Summer Show Champion Sells for £1100

NWA J36 held it’s summer show of store cattle, with the judging being conducted by Mr H J Birkbeck of Kirkby Stephen. The champion rosette was awarded to the first prize heifer, an 18 m.o. BRBx from R T & J Gorst, which later sold to Mr F Pooley for £1100.

The market was topped by T E & A Galbraith, who sold Char x steers at £1350, with others £1270.

Yearling steers reached £1155 for best Lim x from H E & R B Taylforth, with others at £1070 & £990.

Heifers reached £1070 for Lim x from D Mallett, with a pair of prize winning Lim x from W Benson at £870.

A strong entry of bulls reached £1175 for best pure Lims from D Mallet with others at £1095 and £1010.

Cows and calves reached £1450 for Lim x with Sim calves from Barlow Bros. Heifers £1380 from R & A Galbraith and A J & H Clark.

Cast/OTM cattle averaged 140p/kg selling to a top price of 194p/kg for Lim x from E & S Bower with HF to 182p/kg from Brigholme. £1455 was achieved for OTM Charolais x heifers with cows to £1328. Dairy cows averaged 133p/kg/£855 with meated cows selling to a premium.

Rearing calves sold to £320 for AAx bulls from R & E A Gardner with a trio of Lim x from B Wilson reaching £300. Dairy bulls reached £260 from R & B J Cleasby. More needed next sale to meet buyers’ demand.

Class 1 - Heifer

1st & Champion

R T & J Gorst BRB x sold for £1100

2nd W Benson Lim x sold for £870

3rd W Benson Lim x sold for £870

Class 2 - Steer

1st H E & R B Taylforth Lim x sold for £990

2nd H E & R B Taylforth Lim x sold for £1070

Store lambs sold to a competitive trade, topping at £59.50 for a pen of Suffolk x from T G T & P J Strickland with others at £58. Medium keep lambs £52 - £55 with Mules £49.50 from G M Redmayne.

Dairy Cattle sold to a competitive ringside of buyers with more needed to meet demand. A fresh 2nd calved cow from M W & P M Cooper reached £1500 – with Ayrshires reaching £1300

Top prices

Store Cattle:

Blks: Fr: £595, £540 Kit Crag. Lim: £1190 Crooklands Farm; £1155, £1085, £1070, £990 Riddings Farm. Char: £1350 Crooklands Farm. Sim: £1300, £1290 Crooklands Farm. WB: £790 Barrowfield. BrB: £1270, £1110 Crooklands Farm; £875 Coach House.

Hfrs: Lim: £1070, £980, £950 High Loanthwaite Farm; £935 The Coach House; £870 Calgarth View; £825 Riddings Farm; £800 Rathvale. Sim: £635, £625 High Skelgill. BrB: £1100 The Coach House; £700 Riddings.

Bulls: Fr: £440 Kiskin Farm. Lim: £1175, £1095, £1010, £955 High Loanthwaite; £980 Troughton Hall; £775, £750 Riddings. Char: £750 Riddings. BrB: £850 Troughton Hall

Cows & Calves: Lim: £1450, £1420 Littlewood Hall Farm. Char: £1280 Low Barrows Green.

Heifers & Calves: Lim: £1380, £1150 Carter House. BrB: £1380, £1350 High Hollins.

OTM Cattle:

Cows: Fr: 182.5p, 169.5p Brigholme; 159.5p Swallowmire; 133.5p, 132.5p Strickland Hill. Lim: 177.5p, 136.5p Mansriggs Hall; 171.5p Brigholme; 164.5p, 149.5p Hollin Hall Farm. Sim: 177.5p Brigholme; 134.5p, 133.5p Low Fell End. Blo: 137.5p High Row. BB: 183.5p Brigholme, Gamswell Farm; 157.5p High Hallbeck. Sho: 171.5p Bannerigg Farm. Gall: 105.5p Fell House.

Heifers: Lim: 194.5p, 158.5p Burney End. Char: 189.5p Brigholme. Gall: 137.5p High Row.


Bulls: Fr: £260 Lower Hawthwaite. Lim: £320 Spout House; £275, £250 Halforth Farm; £265 Swarthmoor Hall. Ayr: £135 Sella Farm. Ang: £320 Barrowfield. Cont: £250, £215, £200, £170 Swarthmoor Hall.

Heifers: Lim: £300 Spout House; £95 Halforth Farm.

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