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NWA Lancaster Monday 29/07/13

Posted Monday, 29 July 2013, 1.36pm

A larger entry of prime lambs forward at Lancaster with all classes of lambs a stronger trade with the best quality lambs selling to a premium.

Lancaster had an entry of over 1300 lambs forward selling to an average of 188ppk. Quality bred lambs in strong demand topping at 232ppk for good confirmation Texel lambs from Elsie Hartley closely followed behind from GH Bell at 223ppk and J & M Cockett 222ppk with plenty of pens of better quality Texel x and Beltex x lambs between 210ppk and 220ppk. The top price of the day came from Alan Riley with a pen of five heavy Suffolk x lambs selling at £102 (200ppk). Mule wether lambs now coming forward selling to £76.50 or 177ppk.

A larger entry of cast ewes forward today averaging £53 including many leaner and plainer ewes. The trade was topped at £100 for Texel ewes from Dan Towers. Mule ewes topped at £84 from S Wilson & Son. There was plenty of pens of mule ewes in the £60’s and lean horns to £40 averaging £27.

A slightly easier Prime bull trade today due to the national drop in price but Lancaster trade still in line with other markets. The trade averaged out at 176ppk for a show of mainly dairy bred bulls.  The trade was topped at 194.5ppk from TD & A Gardner, Larbreck Hill. Heavy bulls sold well with bulls from JM & AG Swarbrick weighing over 700kg selling to £1371. Just one bullock forward today, a Simmental from P & A Bell sold for 188.5ppk.

Top Prices

PRIME LAMBS - Suffolk £102 Mearsbeck Farm, £84 Wild Duck Farm, £82 Curwin Hill, £78 Ancliffe Hall, Underley Estate, £76.50 Downlands. Masham: £70 Heald Farm. Mule: £76.50 Fell End, £74.50 Yarlsber. Char: £93 Curwin Hill, £82 Yarlsber, £80 Oak Head, £74.50 Burrow Heights. Texel: £94 Curwin Hill, £91.50 Lower Castle O Trim, £89 Red Lodge, £88 Hazel Brae, Brown Edge, £86.50 Foredales, £85 Burnt House, Downlands, Brown Edge, £84 Lentworth, Jacobs: £66.50
CAST SHEEP - Mule: £84, £70, £66 Burrow Heights, £65 Lower Highfield, North Farm. £64 Gibsons Farm, £63 Heights Farm, North Farm. Half Bred: £64 Fell End, £63 33 Meadowside, Horned: £40 Thornbush, £39 Middle Lee Farm, £30 Heald Farm, £26 Thornbush. Texel: £100 Curwin Hill, £88 Middle Ridge, £82 Foredales Farm, £73 Red Lodge, £70 Lower Castle O Trim.
PRIME BULLS - HF 161.5, Yeat House. Lim: 194.5, 184.5 Larbreck Hill, Sim: 177.5 Yeat House. BB: 190.5 Bensons Farm. Mont: 190.5 Bensons Farm, 183.5 Lane House, 174.5 Bensons Farm, 164.5 Larbreck Hill.

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