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J36 Kendal Tuesday 04/06/13

Posted Wednesday, 05 June 2013, 2.15pm

Prime Lambs
As more firms make the switch from hoggs to lambs all classes and weights were much sought after. Topping at £119 a head for a pen of smart ¾ Texel x lambs from Mrs Anne Airey of New Hutton, £119 per head was also achieved for a pen of Texel x from AE Atkinson & Son, Endmoor All lambs were good to sell and more are needed on a weekly basis to meet the strong demand of a full ringside of buyers.

Prime Hoggs
Once again good quality hoggs still good to sell topping at 216.2p/kg but a lot of plain lean type hoggs around were harder to cash which left an overall market average of 158.33p/kg.

Cast Sheep
All classes of cast sheep met a firmer trade on the week. Over 300 forward topping at £112 for a Continental from W Kipling, Shap.

PRIME LAMBS – Suff: £110 West Plain; £109 Cracalt; £106 Hallbeck, Hollins Farm; £105 Lawsons Farm; £103 Ackenthwaite. Char: £104 Kingsland; £73 Long Green Head, Pyes Bridge. Texel: £119 Stubb Farm, Old Croft; £112 Low Tarn Green; £110 Cockrigg; £104 Ashtree; £100 Kingsland. Hampshire: £94 Endmoor Farm.
PRIME HOGGS – Suff: £71 Kate Farm; £70 Greenbank Farm; £69 West Plain. Mule: £95 Mid Town House; £64 The Borrans. Swaledale: £57 Whelpside; £43 Howe Farm. Rough Fell: £64 Birkhaw. Char: £84 Kate Farm. Texel: £100 Penrose Cottage; £99 Moor House; £84 Crosscrake; £83 Low Bank House, Bowker House, Ashtree. Herdwick: £54 The Park.
CAST SHEEP – Suff: £96 Red Lodge; £88 Cracalt. Cont: £112 Mid Town House; £95 Low Tarn Green; £92 Kingsland; £85 Red Lodge. Masham: £73 Low Audlands. Mule: £80 Hollins Farm, Strickland Hill; £79 Moor House, Red Lodge; £78 Lodge Farm. Horned: £66 Crabtree, Hole House; £57 Moor House, Strickland Hill. Lleyn: £88 Kingsland. Leicester: £87 Keskadale; £78 Whelpside.

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