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J36 Suckler Calf Sale Thursday 10th October

Posted Friday, 11 October 2013, 1.49pm

Caption: Champion suckler calf with vendor M Cooper & judge R Towers

Caption: Reserve champion suckler calf with vendor D Clarke & judge R Towers

Caption: New Dairy Cattle Stalls at Junction 36

An outstanding show of Suckled calves were put before a huge ringside of buyers on a perfect Autumn like day with all classes of cattle selling way beyond vendors expectations. The pre-sale judging was carried out by Mr Robert Towers of Farleton who had some exceptional calves put before him and after careful assessment he awarded the Championship rosette to a cracking 6 month old British Blue bullock shown by Mark Cooper on behalf of N Cooper & Son of Troughton Hall, Coniston and the bullock later sold for £1030 to Mr A Bailey of Austwick.

Throughout the sale there was run after run of great calves and all vendors should be congratulated on the quality of their stock presented at this well established sale with the average age of the calves being 7 months of age. 




Heifer Suckled Calves
1st DJ Clarke, Orphan Crag £990 to H Birkbeck
2nd R & E Rayson, Firbank £845 to M Towers
3rd DJ Clarke, Orphan Crag £960 to M Towers

Bullock Suckled Calves
1st N Cooper & Sons, Troughton Hall £1030 to A Bailey
2nd SG Benson, Horrace Farm £940 to F & B Smith
3rd SG Benson, Horrace Farm £870 to Messrs Jones

Bull Suckled Calves
1st S Rossall, Stonehead Farm £845 to D Barker


A strong show of store cattle followed the sucklers, continuing to maintain the recent high rates with a pen of Charolais x bullocks selling to £1040 from P & SA Edmondson, Barrows Green and heifers sold to £1290 for Limousins from Ian Wilson of Ulverston.

Cast Cows – Once again a full ringside of buyers ensured all classes of cattle forward were well bid for with quality well fleshed cows greatly sought after topping at 205.5p/kg from A Bailey, Austwick. A plainer show of Black & White cows were forward this week selling to 134.5p/kg with lean sorts 80p/kg-90p/kg.

Dairy vendors were greeted with a ringside of eager buyers from the local counties which saw all dairy cattle sell to full value. New calves cows reached £2280 & £2120 from M & M Carr with Ayrshire cows selling for £1500 from Messrs Kirkby & Longworth.  New cows stall have now been installed at the new J36 Market (Alley A pictured above). Next Sale Thursday 24th October – please advise of entries.

A large crowd with 22 active buyers saw 99 rearing calves and stirks sell to a buoyant trade with prices achieved ahead of many local centres. Beef bulls sold to £380 for Limousin x from S Postlethwaite with others £370 from BRB x. Heifers peaked at £290 for BRB x from JS & I Wilson with others £275 from Messrs Wilson. Dairy bulls sold to £265, £245 for best reared sorts from MH & AR Robinson, best rearers £115-£170.

Stirks sold to £470 for a pen of Stabiliser x heifers from RJ & KR Wilkinson with other heifers £380, £370 from FP & G Slater.

– Lim: £980 Audlands Park, £975 Row End, £930 Coniston Hall & Bank Ground, £925 Low Flan, £920 Cloggerbeck, £890 The Grange. Char: £1040 Low Barrows Green. Fr: £720 Dale End, £570 Buck Bank. Blo: £900 The Grange. AA: £950 Bank Ground, £890 Capplerigg. Galloway: £880 Stoneyhead Hall. BB: £1005 Low Barrows Green, £960 Dale End.
STORE HEIFERS – Lim: £1290 Lowflan, £975 Audlands Park, £965 Gowan Bank, £930 Cloggerbeck, £920 Kendal Ground, £890 Dale End, £860 The Grange, £840 Coniston Hall. Char: £945 Tock How Farm, £930 Low Barrows Green. Gel: £850 Millbrow. AA: £990 Dale End. BB: £1025 The Grange, £750 Riddings.
SUCKLED CALVES BULLOCKS – Lim: £1030 Troughton Hall, £960 Glenfield, £935 Orphan Crag, £870 Horrace Farm, £865 Coniston Hall, £860 Bannerigg, Bank House & Littlewood Hall. Char: £860 High Wray, £835 Luneside, £820 Fairbank. Sim: £940 Bank House, £825 Littlewood Hall. Blo: £760 High Row, £740 Oaks, £680 Low Fold. BB: £940 Horrace, £880 Black Hall, £850 Horrace.
SUCKLED CALVES HEIFERS – Lim: £960 Orphan Crag, £930 Swallowmire, £880 Row End, £880 Row End, £860 Low Newton, £850 High Wray. Char: £990 Orphan Crag Barn, £845 Fairbank, £810 High Wray, £760 Skelwith Fold, £750 Luneside & Abbott Park. Sim: £900 Littlewood Hall, £660 Todds Farm, £635 Bank House. Blo: £730 Oaks & High Row, £620 Ellerbeck. Baz: £705 Stonehead. BB: £980 Skelwith Fold.
SUCKLED CALVES BULLS – Blo: £810 High Row.
CAST COWS – Fr: 187.50 Bainsbank, 117.50 Low Stangerthwaite, 109.50 Natland Park, 108.50 High Foulshaw, 102.50 Hollins Farm. AA: 157.50 Tossbeck, 133.50 Bank Ground, 123.50 Orphan Crag Barn. Sho: 105.50 Tossbeck. Lim: 177.50 Station Farm, 169.50 Lowflan, 163.50 Rydal. Char: 153.50 Low Woodhouse. Here: 161.50 Station Farm. Sim: 83.50 Luneside. Stab: 145.50 Kit Cragg. BB: 187.50 Station Farm, 135.50 High Borrowbridge. Blo: 191.50 Cornfield House.
CAST HEIFERS – Fr: 191.50 Bridge End. Lim: 193.50 Moss Howe, 181.50 Riddings. Sim: 159.50 Station Farm. BB: 205.50 Cornfield House.
CAST BULLS – BB: 135.50 Bannerigg.
BULL CALVES – Fr: £265 Holmescales; £190 Elm Tree; £180 Spout House; £65 Raw End. Lim: £380 Paddock View; £355 Monk Foss; £165 Halforth Farm. AA: £260 High Foulshaw; £175 Natland Mill Beck. Shorthorn: £60 School House. Cont: £230 Monk Foss. BRB: £370 Paddock View; £350 Holmescales; £230 Monk Foss.
HEIFER CALVES - Lim: £240 Spout House; £230 Holmescales; £205 Paddock View; £195 Halforth Farm; £165 Croft Heights. AA: £185 Paddock View; £155 Natland Mill Beck. BRB: £290 Monk Foss; £275 High Foulshaw Farm; £265 Elm Tree.
BULL STIRKS – Fr: £370 Bellart Howe; £255 Cunswick Hall. AA: £390 Cunswick Hall.
HEIFER STIRKS – Stabiliser: £470 High Foulshaw. BRB: £670 & £655 Cleatop; £300 Cunswick Hall.Fr: £120 Croft Heights. AA: £260 Cunswick Hall. Cont: £380 Bellart Howe.

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