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Kendal Thursday 30/08/12

Posted Thursday, 30 August 2012, 2.05pm


An entry of predominantly out of parlour dairy cattle sold to a top price of 133p/kg (£1106) for a shorthorn from ML & SM Dobson with well fleshed cows in keenest demand selling to 159.50p/kg (£1183) for a Lim x from J C Walling. Bulls sold to 130p/kg (1110) for a Galloway from Miss C Rigg with OTM Steers to 195.5p/kg (£1405) for BBx from JW & HM Metcalf & Son.

Store cattle continue to meet strong buyer demand at Kendal with Steers to £1055 for 16 month old BBx from H & AT Threlkeld with AA to £985 from J E Read. Heifers sold to keen interest for both finishing and breeding selling to £960 for smart BBx from H & AT Threlkend. Holstein steers sold to very strong interest with 18 month old to £770 and 14 month old to £580.

Store lambs sold to another large ringside of buyers with more needed to meet current demand best short keep lambs sold to £69 for Suff x from TGT & PJ Strickland.

Most medium keep lambs £55 to £59 with hill bred lambs to £56 from PM Simpson. Only the smallest lambs under £50.

Rearing calves sold to keen interest with best beef bulls £430, £420 from Mrs E Tuer and heifers £285 for Limx from B. Wilson. Black and white sold to £160 for month old from G. Cuthbertson with all sold to an average of £74.

BULL CALVES - Fr: £230 Raw End, £160 Capplerigg. Lim: £310 Spout House. Sim: £430 Common Farm.
HEIFER CALVES - Fr: £10 Tranthwaite Hall. Lim: £285 Spout House.
CAST COW - Fr: 133.5p/kg Espford, 130.5p/kg High Foulshaw, 121.5p/kg Far Audlands. Lim: 159.5p/kg Dawson Fold, 137.5p/kg Old School House, 129.5p/kg Hollin Hill. Char: 117.5p/kg Dawson Fold. Here: 135.5p/kg Bannerigg. BB: 125.5p/kg Common. SH: 107.5p/kg Moss Side. South Devon: 137.5p/kg Stribers. SR&W: 125.5p/kg Raven Lodge.
CAST BULLS/STEERS - Lim: 128.5p/kg Lane Head, 119.5p/kg Patton Mill. Char: 121.5p/kg Old School House. Gall: 130.5p/kg Golden Howe. BB: 195.5p/kg Low Bracken Hall.
STORE LAMB - Suff: £69 Grate, £59.50 Sunny Brow, £58.50 Low Hundhowe, £58.20 Gowan Bank, £58 Stone Croft. Mule: £50 Newton, £45.50 Ellergill, £40 Gateside. Char: £58.80 Gowan Bank, £58 Gateside, £55 Gilpin. Chev: £51 Wallenrigg, £49.50 High Bridgestone. Tex: £64.50 Stone Croft, £61.50 Carlingwha, £60 Grandy Barn. Beltex: £56 Poole Bank.
STORE BULLOCKS - Fr: £770 Mealrigg, £580 Elm Tree. Lim: £990 Bowkerstead. AA: £985 Mealrigg. BB: £1055 Bowkerstead.
STORE HEIFERS - Lim: £835 Bowkerstead, £770 x 3 Stribers, £730 x 2 High Skelgill. Sim: £670 x 2 High Skelgill. AA: £840 Mealrigg. BB: £960 Bowkerstead.

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