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Lancaster Monday 09/07/12

Posted Monday, 09 July 2012, 4.51pm

North West Auctions Lancaster sets the week off with a stronger trade.

An entry of 1478 prime lambs forward today sold to a solid average of 192p/kg. With ten active buyers around the ring vendors went away pleased with today’s prices following the resent dip in trade. Best meated lambs weighing between 38kgs and 42kgs were in strongest demand.

The top price of the day came from regular vendor William Pye of Tarnwater Farm selling a couple of heavy lambs for £94. The top pence per kilo was 205p which was met twice firstly from JR Mashiter, Manor House and then by W Hesketh & Sons, Old Grange. There were many pens of quality lambs around the £2 per kilo mark.

A good entry of cast ewes forward today at Lancaster. The trade topped at £101 for Texel x ewes from JK & BE Townley, Mearsbeck. Good meaty ewes continue to be in demand with all ewes forward averaging £72.04.

There was over 20 bulls forward today at Lancaster selling as ever to a strong trade selling to an overall average of 185p/kg. The trade peaked at 205.5p/kg for a good shaped Limousin from TR Prickett, Hutton Roof Hall. The top price per head of £1332 came from JS & KM Wilson, High House again for a Limousin bull. Please keep the bulls coming forward to meet the demand from buyers.

Top Prices

SPRING LAMBS – Suffolk: £87 Post Office Farm; £84 Hill Top; £83 Tunstall Hall; £80.50 Fell End, Beckfoot Farm Cottage; £80 Red Lodge. Cont: £79 Veldor. Mule: £71 Brown Edge; £65 Sykes Farm. Char: £81 Oak Head; £77 Old Glasson. Texel: £94 Tarnwater Farm; £90 Springfield Farm; £88.50 Foredales; £88 Moss Cottage; £85 Borrans Farm; £84 Mearsbeck, Cautley Farm; £83 Old Grange.
CAST SHEEP – Mule: £90 Old Grange; £81 North Farm; £77 Millbeck; £76 Isle of Skye; £75 Burrow Heights, Veldor, Red Lodge. Char: £88 Station Hotel; £87 Ling Row. Chev: £50 Cock Hall. Texel: £101 Mearsbeck; £96 Red Lodge; £89 Sandy Gap; £88 Farleton House, Foredales; £82 Greenwoods. Herdwick: £61 Lee End.
PRIME BULLS – Lim: 205.5p/kg Hutton Roof Hall; 203.5p/kg High House; 199.5p/kg Old Croft; 197.5p/kg Calcalds Farm; 195.5p/kg Far Orrest; 191.5p/kg Lowgill Farm. Sim: 187.5p/kg Larbreck Hill Farm. MRI: 139.5p/kg Low Foulshaw. BB: 202.5p/kg Northwoods; 187.5p/kg High House, Calcalds Farm; 184.5p/kg Larbreck Hill; 183.5p/kg Northwoods Farm. Stabiliser: 185.5p/kg Low Foulshaw. AA: 163.5p/kg Larbreck Hill. Fr: 150.5p/kg Calcalds Farm.
PRIME HEIFERS – Lim: 179.5p/kg Lowgill Farm.

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