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Lancaster Friday 06/07/12

Posted Friday, 06 July 2012, 8.48pm
Garry Capstick selling Store cattle 6th July


STORE CATTLE to £1510 - OTM’s to £1481 - STIRKS £670

North West Auctions Lancaster held its popular weekly sale with an increased entry of stock and buyers present despite the wet weather.

83 Cast/Feeding cows & OTM cattle sold to a market average of 122p/kg with a very large number of out of parlour cows forward. Peter Pye, Marl House sold Limousin x cows to 187.5p/kg with meaty cows regularly 135p/kg+. £1139 was achieved twice for Blonde x and Angus x cows from WI & A Atkinson & FK & FM Woodhouse. Dairy breeds sold to 164.5p/kg from DW Cottam and £1141 from JK Birkett. OTM heifers sold to 234.5p/kg (av. 222p/kg) and £1418 from Norbreck Genetics with steers to 179.5p/kg from J Bargh and £1292 from R Farnworth.

An increased entry of 309 store cattle sold to a tremendous trade with all vendors very satisfied with prices achieved. Bullocks once again averaged very near £1000 with R Collinge & Son leading the way with a Limousin at £1510 purchased by Mr R Owen. A further 26 bullocks made over £1200. Heifers sold to an average of £853 for a larger show of grazing cattle. Best heifers sold to £1260 for a pair of Charolais x heifers from M Allen, Yealand Manor and these were purchased by Mr M Atkinson. Yearling cattle were in keen demand this week with Limousin x bullocks to £900 and Charolais heifers to £990. Feeding bulls sold to £1060 for suckler bred sorts from RH & C Ayrton with all bulls averaging £806.

Lancaster calves and stirks once again hit new highs proving it is the market of the area with more needed to supply the strong demand from the buyers. Young calves sold to £395 for month old British Blue bulls from DW Cottam with heifers £300 from the same home. Angus and Limousin heifers sold to £255 from D & K Haworth for suckler cow replacements. Black & Whites averaged over £100 again with best types £130+ and topping at £245 for a well reared calf from JT & B Fox with nothing under £60!

A new stirk record was set by DC Miller who sold Blue bullocks (7m) for £670 (9 av. £555). Steven Coward sold Shorthorn steers to £585, Andrew Pye sold BB steers (4m) £580 with pure Hereford steers £510. Heifers sold to very competitive bidding with Andrew Pye again selling 4 BBx (5m) for £540 with weaned Angus x heifers (12 weeks) from Peter Andertonat £370. Black & White steers sold to £380 (6m).

Please enter stirks for the catalogue by 2pm Monday – it does help to inform buyers.

Top Prices
STORE BULLOCKS – Fr: £1030 Ribble Bank; £1020 Staffords Farm, Sunderland Brows; £1000 Hill Top. Lim: £1510 The Dingle; £1470 Weavers Farm; £1330 Old Woodhouse; £1220 Moss View, Barbarrow Farm; £1180 Moss Head. Char: £1330 Crow Trees; £1280 Weavers Farm; £1090 Harbarrow Farm; £980 Ivy Cottage. Hfd: £1170 Hill Top; £1100 Aynsome Manor; £980 Cottams Farm; £970 The Old Stable. Sim: £1270 Crooklands Farm; £1200 Old Woodhouse; £1060 Ivy Cottage; £1040 Jolley Fold; £1010 Bouthwaite; £850 Kate Farm. Blonde: £1240 Goose Green; £1160 Hill Top; £980 Bouthwaite; £820 Thwaite Gate. AA: £1360 Longlands Farm, Weavers Farm; £1340 Sykes Fold, Godson House; £1300 Weavers Farm; £1240 Sunderland Brows. Saler: £1090 Harbarrow Farm. WB: £930 Cropper Farm. BB: £1360 Wood Lane Farm; £1250 Old Woodhouse; £1150 Mount Pleasant; £1110 Thwaite Gate; £1040 Hill Top; £880 Cobble Hey; £860 Farleton House. Mont: £1090 Weavers Farm; £960 Aynsome Manor. Swedish R&W: £800 Middle Ridge.
STORE HEIFERS – Lim: £1060 Beckside Farm; £1050 Moss View; £1010 Isle of Skye Farm; £1000 Yealand Manor; £990 Lowgill Farm. Char: £1260 Yealand Manor; £1170 Sykes Fold Farm; £990 Ivy Cottage; £800 Cobble Hey; £750 Grate Farm. Hfd: £870 The Old Stable; £810 Low Moorhead. Sim: £990 Sykes Fold; £980 Cropper Farm; £950 Kate Farm; £850 Bull Bank. Blonde: £1140 Goose Green; £760 Houlker Barn. AA: £1140 Windy Hill.; £1000 Sandholme Farm; £990 Staffords Farm; £940 The Hill; £880 Bull Bank. Shorthorn: £750 Lundholme Farm. WB: £840 Cropper Farm. BB: £1190 Wood Lane Farm; £1030 Bouthwaite Farm; £980 Cropper Farm; £800 Cobble Hey; £690 Farmdale.
STORE BULLS – Lim: £1060 Ouzelthorn; £680 Orrisdale Farm.
BREEDING CATTLE – BB Cow with Lim Bull Calf: £1220 Coventry Farm.
CAST COWS – Fr: 164.5p/kg Hagg Farm; 149.5p/kg Ancliffe Hall; 144.5p/kg White Lund; 139.5p/kg Hare Apple Tree, Moors Farm; 134.5p/kg Low Levens, Lane House, Chapel House. Lim: 187.5p/kg Marl House; 149.5p/kg Dawson Fold; 141.5p/kg Far Orrest. Sim: 147.5p/kg High Underbarrow. Blonde: 151.5p/kg Holme House. BB: 177.5p/kg Southways; 159.5p/kg Dunkenshaw; 144.5p/kg Fell End, Sunny Bank. AA: 151.5p/kg Southways; 141.5p/kg Fell End; 139.5p/kg Lathwaite; 134.5p/kg Higher Hollinhead. Highland: 131.5p/kg Dawson Fold.
CAST HEIFERS: Fr: 157.5p/kg Isle of Skye Farm; 147.5p/kg Cocker House. BB: 234.5p/kg, 231.5p/kg, 227.5p/kg, 221.5p/kg Norbreck Farm; 194.5p/kg Station Hotel.
CAST/OTM BULLS & STEERS - Fr: 169.5p/kg Bradlow; 164.5p/kg Tills Farm; 134.5p/kg Bank House Farm. Lim: 174.5p/kg Bradlow Farm. BB: 179.5p/kg Old Woodhouse.
BULL CALVES: Fr: £245 Blackwood End; £145 Cocker House Farm; £120 Hillam House Farm; £108 Redbank Farm; £90 Rose Farm. Lim: £255 Rose Farm. BB: £395 Hagg Farm; £200 North Farm.
HEIFER CALVES – AA: £255 Rose Farm. BB: £300 Hagg Farm.
BULLOCK STIRKS – Lim: £445 College Green. Blonde: £490 Dawson Fold. AA: £485 College Green; £400 Stirk Hey. BB: £670 Cobbley Hey; £580 Pilling Lane; £505 College Green.
HEIFER STIRKS – Lim: £410 Sullom Side. AA: £495 College Green; £440 Stirk Hey; £370 Wyre Farm. WB: £460 Sullom Side. BB: £540 Pilling Lane; £480 Cobble Hey; £330 Stirk Hey.
STEER STIRKS – Fr: £380 Ashlack Hall. Hfd: £510 Hindley Green. Shorthorn: £585 Ashslack Hall.

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