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Kendal Thursday 07/06/12

Posted Thursday, 07 June 2012, 3.28pm


Buyers were keen to purchase all classes of cows at Kendal’s fortnightly sale held on Thursday. Black & whites topped at 133.5p/kg (£945) from JD & M Beck, Town Foot with plainer sorts around the 110-115p/kg mark. Continental cows peaked at 156.5p/kg (£1176) for a British Blue cow from Messrs Clegg & Bennett, Tongue House with the majority of Continentals 130-140p/kg. A small show of clean cattle topped at 182.5p/kg for a Limousin bullock from JD & M Beck.

A small show of cows & calves and store cattle were forward and many more could have been sold to vendor’s advantage. Cow & Calf to £1000, Store bullocks to £590 for 12 month old Friesians and £680 for 10 month old Limousin bullocks.

Next Fortnightly Sale of Cast Cows, Calves & Stirks and Store/Breeding Cattle with be on Thursday 21st June (please let us know early entries for advertising.

BULL CALVES – Lim: £300 & £310 Spout House.
BULLOCK STIRKS – Fr: £200 Jenkin Crag.
COWS & CALVES – S/H Cow (7y) with Char Calf £1000 Bellart Howe.
CAST COWS – Lim: 152.5p/kg & 144.5p/kg Tock Howe; 143.5p/kg & 142.5p/kg Chapel House; 142.5p/kg Low Bank House. BB: 156.5p/kg Tongue House; 148.5p/kg Stang End; 130.5p/kg Low Bank House. Shorthorn: 139.5p/kg Moss Side; 125.5p/kg School House; 119.5p/kg Ashstead. AA: 145.5p/kg Low Bank House; 138.5p/kg Ashstead; 124.5p/kg Moss Side. Fr: 133.5p/kg & 131.5p/kg Town Foot; 120.5p/kg & 110.5p/kg Elm Tree.
CAST HEIFERS – Fr: 164.5p/kg Elm Tree.
CAST BULLS & STEERS – Lim: 182.5p/kg (utm str) Town Foot; 144.5p/kg (bull) Fold Farm.

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