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Lancaster Monday 14/05/12

Posted Monday, 14 May 2012, 4.39pm

North West Auctions Lancaster are pleased to report a increased number of buyers ringside today all competing for spring lambs at this popular early morning sale. The days top price was £106 for a Suffolk lamb from GH Sanderson & Family with plenty of lambs £92 - £96. Best finished lambs were regularly 230p/kg plus topping at 263p/kg for Texel cross lambs from AG Butler. All lambs today averaged 225p/kg. Lambs do benefit from being well fleshed, best demand for 38kg – 40kg.

An entry of 155 hoggs sold to £98 (211p/kg) with all types averaging 182p/kg.

Cast sheep continue to meet strong demand with best meaty ewes £100 plus topping at £129 for Texel ewes from A & E Clarkson. Medium ewes £78-£95 with all sheep averaging £89 this week.

Prime bulls this week sold to top price of 198.5p/kg for a Blonde x from J & D Barton & Son with others 192.5p/kg from TD & A Gardner. Beef bred bulls regularly 180.5p/kg plus with dairy bred bulls 150.5p/kg plus. All bulls this week averaging over £1000, topping at £1130 for a Charolais Cross from K Whitaker & son.

Prime cattle sold to a top price of 189.5p/kg (£1156.) for well finished heifers from A & F Bennett.

Several new faces in both rings today all keen to purchase stock, best butchers cattle always required.

Leading Prices
SPRING LAMBS – Dorset: £92 Chapelfields. Char: £94.50, £94, £92 Capernwray Hall, £94 Burrow Heights, £88 Old Glasson. Tex: £105 Parks Farm Barn & Blackleach House, £101.5 Cock Hall, £98 Park Farm Barn & Hazelslack Tower, £97.50 Corney Hall & £97.50 Downlands, £97 Stirzakers. Suff: £106 Blackleach House, £96 Tarnwater & Chapelfields, £94 Brown Edge, £94 Tarnwater, £94 Blackleach House, £92 Highfield, £92 Chapelfields.
PRIME HOGGS – Tex: £88 Throstle Grove & Ancliffe Hall & Old Smithy, £87 & £81 Moorville, £81 Park Farm Barn, £80 Far Highfield. Suff: £85 & £83 Maddison Ave. Beltex: £98 Curwen Hill. Char: £85 Throstle Grove. Cont: £59 Fanny House. Lei: £65 & £60 Conder Mill. Herd: £65 Lee End. Masham: £75 Parks Farm Barn. Mule: £79 Moorville, £77 Lonstripes. Horned: £87.50 Curwen Hill.
CAST SHEEP – Suff: £111 & £110 (Ram) Cocker House. Tex: £129 Cock Hall, £117 Highfield, £115 Veldor, £113 Hazelslack Tower, £110 (Ram) Lonstripes, £101 Ancliffe Hall. Char: £100 Curwen Hill. Mash: £85 Lonstripes. Chev: £99 (Ram) £97 & £95 Lonstripes, £93 Cock Hall. Mule: £93 Hazelslack Tower, £90 Far Highfield, £89 Highfield, £87 Lee End. Horned: £75 Curwen Hill, £73 Hare Apple Tree.
PRIME BULLS – Sim: 179.5p/kg Larbreck Hill, Blo: 198.5p/kg & 193.5p/kg Calcalds. Fr: 156.5p/kg & 151.5p/kg Yeat House. Lim: 192.5p/kg Larbreck Hill, 191.5p/kg Calcalds. Char: 179.5p/kg Stirzakers. AA: 175.5p/kg Yealand Manor. BB: 189.5p/kg & 181.5p/kg Larbreck Hill.
PRIME HEIFERS – Lim: 188.5p/kg Wild Boar. Blo: 189.5p/kg Wild Boar. AA: 187.5p/kg Wild Boar.

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