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Lancaster Bank Holiday Monday 07/05/12

Posted Tuesday, 08 May 2012, 9.48am

North West Auctions saw prime sheep numbers double this week with 8 active buyers on 18 accounts. Prime lambs rapidly increasing in numbers with all types averaging 224p/kg and best sorts regularly 235p/kg + topping at 253p/kg for Texel x from WM Pye and £101.50 for smart Texels x Suffolks from S Park. Lambs do benefit from having a good finish, don’t get them too big! 38-40kg in best demand.

Hoggs were a pleasing trade with less forward but buyers still with orders to fill. Best handy weights 195-209p/kg.

Cast sheep continue to break the £100 barrier with best ewes £106 from S Park, rams £109 from B Wood with all types averaging £76.07.

Prime cattle continue to meet demand with many more needed each week.

Best heifers this week reached 189.5p/kg for Limousin x from JA & G Gardner with all averaging 181.7p/kg.

R & DM Rossall & Son sold BB x bullocks to £1289 (av. £1228). A smaller entry of prime bulls sold to 185.5p/kg and £947 from TD & A Gardner with all types keenly competed for.

Top Prices
SPRING LAMBS – Suffolk: £101.50 Highfield Farm; £95 Brown Edge; £94 Downlands; £93.50 Strickland Hill; £93 Barrow Greaves, Tarnwater, Howriggs, Chapelfields. Char: £97 Capernwray Hall; £94 Burrow Heights; £93 Heaves Farm. Texel: £99 Howriggs; £98.50 Capernwray Hall; £98 Corney Hall; £97 Stonehead; £96.50 Downlands; £96 Tarnwater; £95 Barrow Greaves; £93.50 Brown Edge; £93 Gunnerthwaite. Dorset: £90.50 Chapelfields; £90 Bracken Lea; £90 Brown Edge; £87 Cabus Nook.
PRIME HOGGS – Suffolk: £84 Throstle Grove; £83 Parks Farm Barn; £81 Weavers Farm. Cont: £84 Curwin Hill. Masham: £77 Parks Farm Barn; £71 Medlar Hall. Mule: £80 Longstripes; £76 Parks Farm Barn; £62 Medlar Hall. Horned: £79.50 Curwin Hill; £70 Parks Farm Barn. Char: £81 Parks Farm Barn; £80 Throstle Grove. Chev: £84 Inverbervie; £83 Weavers Farm; £69 Longstripes. Texel: £85 Curwin Hill; £83 Corless Mill; £81 Longstripes; £78 Parks Farm Barn; £75 Inverbervie. Herdwick: £72.50 Middle Ridge.
CAST SHEEP – Suffolk: £98 Middle Ridge. Cont: £94 Middle Ridge. Mule: £89 North Farm; £84 Gibsons Farm; £82 Lower Castle O’Trim, Longlands; £81 Barrow Greaves. Horned: £76 Yarlsber; £71 Longstripes; £68 Isle of Skye. Texel: £109 (ram) Middle Ridge; £106 Highfield Farm; £98 Corless Mill; £88 Longstripes; £85 Corney Hall. Gritstone: £81 Longstripes.
PRIME BULLS – Lim: 185.5p/kg AA: 177.5p/kg BB: 181.5p/kg Larbreck Hill.
PRIME HEIFERS – Lim: 189.5p/kg Moss House. PRIME BULLOCKS - BB:175.5p/kg Abrahams Farm.

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