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Lancaster Monday 05/03/12

Posted Monday, 05 March 2012, 12.01pm


North West Auctions Lancaster’s Monday sale of prime hoggs averaged 211p/kg an averaged at least 10p up on the previous week’s sale with a slightly smaller entry on offer. The trade was tremendously buoyant with all buyers keen to purchase. Medium weight hoggs continue to be the best trade averaging 217p/kg. P Lawrenson, Walmsley Fold once again topped trade with pen of 17 Beltex x Texel hoggs selling at 253p/kg (£114 per head) to Whittakers Butchers, Blackburn. Regular consignor Andrew Butler of Parks Farm Barn followed closely selling his Texel x hoggs at £108 per head to Roy Schofield on behalf of butchers MJ Birtwistle & Co.


All classes of cast sheep sold to a sale average of £93.38 with trade showing no signs of dipping. Strong well fleshed Continental ewes sold regularly to the £100 mark and fit Mule ewes into the £90’s. The ewe trade topped at £125 for a Charolais ewe from KR & CA Williamson, Beckfoot Farm Cottage. Cast rams sold to £138 from JH Gardner, Moss Cottage for a Texel.


In the bull ring a quality entry of beef cattle were forward. Heavy well finished bulls continue to be in demand with a sale average of 184p/kg (£1066 per head) with better sorts selling for over £2 per kilo. The top price of 208.5p/kg was achieved twice firstly by JM & AG Swarbrick, Bensons Farm for a Limousin purchased by Bowland Foods and then again for a Limousin this time from Clark & Johnson of Far Orrest purchased by Riley Bros. Holstein Friesian bulls averaged 168p/kg.

Top Prices

PRIME HOGGS – Texel: £114 Walmsley Fold; £108 Parks Farm Barn; £98 North Farm; £97 Underley Estate. Suff: £94.50 North Farm; £93.50 Hawes Farm; £93 Kitchen Ground; £85 Maddison Avenue. Masham: £83 Lundholme. Mule: £81 Ouzelthorn; £75 Longstripes. Horned: £75 Sykes Farm. Char: £90 North Farm. Chev: £86.50 Underley Estate; £80 Cemetary Lodge. Jacob: £84 Sykes Farm.

CAST EWES – Suffolk: £116 Lundholme. Mule: £93 Kitchen Ground; £90 Burrow Heights, Beckfoot Farm Cottage; £86 Underley Estate. Char: £125 Beckfoot Farm Cottage. Chev: £110 (ram) Longstripes; £110 Underley Estate; £97 Cemetery Lodge. Texel: £138 (ram) Moss Cottage; £128 (ram) Underley Estate; £120 Veldor; £117 Burrow Heights; £96 Lundholme; £94 Farleton House; £88 Cantsfield Hall.

PRIME BULLS – Lim: 208.5p/kg Bensons Farm, Far Orrest; 175.5p/kg Calcalds. Baz: 206.5p/kg Yarlsber. Sim: 181.5p/kg Calcalds; 174.5p/kg Yeat House. Fr: 175.5p/kg Allcocks Farm; 172.5p/kg Bensons Farm; 165.5p/kg Yeat House.

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