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Kendal Christmas Prize Show & Sale 04/12/12

Posted Wednesday, 05 December 2012, 2.58pm

Caption: Champion Texel X Lambs from M Fishwick & Family with Judge D Kirby

Caption: 1st Prize Suffolks from the Robinsons, Hollins Farm

Caption: 1st Prize Mules from I Dixon, Low Newton

Caption: 1st Prize Rough Fell from GH Capstick & Sons, Birkhaw

Caption: 1st Prize Swaledales from Fishwick Bros., Sadghyll

Caption: 1st Prize Cross Bred Hill lambs from JJ & M Metcalfe, Bee Nest

Kendal Christmas Champion lambs to 236p/kg (£104)

An outstanding turn out at NWA Kendal’s annual Christmas prize show and sale saw some 46 show pens filled. Judging this year was in the very capable hands of Mr Dave Kirby of Harrogate. Six classes of lambs awaited the verdict and after considerable deliberation, championship honours were awarded to a tremendous pen of Texel cross lambs from Martin Fishwick and family of Silverdale. Topping the days sale, the champion lambs went on to sell for £104/head (236p/kg) leaving with the judge Mr Dave Kirby. After being awarded championship honours from Kendal’s sponsors, Barclays Bank and Wynnstay, the lambs also received the champion rosette from the Solway & Tyne Texel Breeders Club. Reserve honours were awarded to a cracking pen of dressed Texel x Beltex lambs from M/s JG & PH Thompson of Selside which Mr R Skelton later purchased with a sealing bid of £83/head.

In conjunction with the usual sale, the annual prize show & sale of prime Rough Fell lambs took place on behalf of the RFSBA. Eight strong pens of show lambs were forward for judging, M/s GH Capstick & Sons of Sedbergh took the first prize ticket and later sold for £71/head to Lancaster Meats. Thanks must go to all vendors for preparing their animals that made for such a good show and also congratulated on the quality of their stock.

Overall, lambs would be just a shade easier than previous days trade, however a full ringside of buyers on accounts ensured all lambs were competitively bid for yielding a respectful market average of 153p/kg.

Export type lambs regularly in excess 180p/kg, topping at 236p/kg. Good commercial well meated lambs regularly £22-£25 above their weight. A good show of well fed Mule and Masham lambs sold well reaching and anything between 148p/kg to 155p/kg. As numbers of horned lambs continue to rise, well finished lambs are proving much easier to sell.

Cast Sheep:

Trade saw an increase of £5 on the week, with fewer sheep forward the competition between buyers increased all keen to fill their orders.

Show Results:

Class 1: 5 Texel/Cross Lambs

1st & Champion – Fishwick Farms, Silverdale
2nd – JG & PH Thompson, Poppy Farm
3rd - JG & PH Thompson, Poppy Farm

Class 2: 5 Suffolk Lambs

1st – JW Robinson & Son, Hollins Farm
2nd – LA & M Lambert, Browhead
3rd – MA & J Winn, High Underbarrow

Class 3: 5 Mule/Masham Lambs

1st – RI Dixon, Low Newton
2nd – TLB & J Knowles, High Borrowbridge
3rd – GH & CA Bell, Biggins

Class 4: 5 Swaledale Lambs

1st – Fishwick Bros., Sadghyll
2nd – B & HM Wilson, Ashstead
3rd – AW & AM Clarke, Low Longmire

Class 5: 5 Cross Bred Hill Lambs

1st – JJ & M Metcalfe, Bee Nest
2nd – A Thompson, Poppy Farm

Class 6: 5 Rough Fell Lambs

1st – GH Capstick & Sons, Birkhaw
2nd – CP Bateman, Croft Foot
3rd – Miss A Harrison, Boundary Beck

Top Prices:


Suff: £78, £69 Hollins Farm; £75, £69 Brow Head; £73 High House; £70 High Underbrow; £70 Cracalt; £68 Nook Farm; £67.50 Garnett Folds; £67.50 High Biggarsbank. Mash: £67 Red Lodge; £65.50 Middale. Mule: £70.50 High Borrowbridge; £70 Low Newton; £70 Low Longmire; £67 Nether House; £67, £66 Brown Edge; £66.50 Cracalt; £66.50 Red Lodge; £65 Ashstead; £65 Well Foot; £64.50 Middale. Swale: £60.50, £59 Middle Sadghyll; £55.50 Ashstead; £55 Low Longmire. Rough: £71, £67 Birkhaw; £66 High Borrowbridge; £60, £58, £57 Moss End. Horned: £64, £57.50 Moor House; £60 Nether House Farm; £58 Patton Mill; £57 Middle Sadghyll; £57 Low Newton; £53 Poppy Farm. Char: £70 Kate Farm; £69 Haveriggs; £66 High Foulshaw. Chev: £66, £55 Crooklands; £63, £52.50 Orchard house. Texel: £104, £76, £75 Bank House; £92, £83 Poppy Farm; £90, £73.50 Low Longmire; £80 105 Bellingham Road; £76 Causeway; £74 Low Hall; £73 High House. Leic: £56 Brown Edge; £53 Yoad Pot. Herd: £64 Poppy Farm.

Cast Sheep

Suff: £88, £60 Borrans; £75 Ninezergh. Cont: £84 High Hallbeck; £80, £62 Brow Head; £59 Dubside; £56 Low Bank House; £54 105 Bellingham Road. Mash: £32 72 Craig Walk. Mule: £71 Wreay Syke; £70, £64 Hollins Farm; £69 Deansbiggin; £69 High Biggarsbank; £67 Haveriggs; £66 Crooklands; £61 Well Foot; £61 Middlale; £60 Wray Farm; £60 Low Fold. Swale: £42 Well Foot; £40 Whelpside; £37 Nook Farm. Rough: £78 Low Bank House; £48 High Borrowbridge; £35 Low Deepslack. Horned: £50 Low Fold; £38 Well Foot; £35 Barker Knott. Texel: £91, £73 Low Fold; £71 Low Bank House; £71 High House; £69 High Biggarsbank; £65 Nook Farm. Llyn: £76, £65 Low Foulshaw. Leic: £86, £62 Well Foot. £80 Middlale. Dales: £78 Middale. Herd: £38, £24 Rydal.

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