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Lancaster Monday 01/10/12

Posted Monday, 01 October 2012, 1.41pm

Caption: Beltex lambs from Bargh Contractors making 205p/kg

Lambs to 205p/kg and £88 per head

Prime lambs sold to a ringside of 9 buyers with lambs short for the demand experienced. Best fleshed lambs saw the keenest competition with Bargh Contractors selling pure Beltex lambs to 205p/kg purchased by Whittakers Butchers. The top price per head was £88 for Texel x lambs from JK & BE Townley. A mixed show of lambs averaged 154p/kg with lambs short of finish hardest to sell.

Cast sheep reached £92 for Texel ewes from RJ Byron, Mules generally £50-£65 with plainer hill ewes £38-£52.

Prime bulls topped at 198.5p/kg from TD & A Gardner and JM & AG Swarbrick with all sold averaging 192.2p/kg topping at £1324 per head from JM & AG Swarbrick, very few under £1000.

PRIME LAMBS - Suffolk: £81 Fell End; £71 Lenthworth; £65 Oak Head. Mule: £62 High House, Oak Head; £61.50 Isle of Skye Farm; £61 Brown Edge; £60 Botton Hall. Horned: £56 Yarlsber. Chev: £65.50 The Courtyard. Texel: £88 Mearsbeck Farm; £86 Old Woodhouse; £73 Fell End, Lentworth, Far Orrest; £70 Gaskell House, Yealand Manor.
CAST SHEEP – Cont: £89 Redbank Farm. Mule: £73 Moorville; £68 Mearsbeck; £63 Wyre Farm; £59 Ellers Farm, High House. Horned: £64 Moorville. Texel: £92 Moorville; £79 Mearsbeck; £69 Moss Side Farm; £65 The Old Stable.
PRIME BULLS – Lim: 198.5p/kg Larbreck Hill. Char: 196.5p/kg Stirzakers Farm. Sim: 194.5p/kg Larbreck Hill. BB: 198.5p/kg Bensons Farm, Larbreck Hill; 185.5p/kg Calcalds Farm. Mont: 192.5p/kg Lane House.

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