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Kendal Tuesday 17/01/12

Posted Wednesday, 18 January 2012, 12.52pm

With farmers taking advantage of the dry frosty conditions, a smaller show of hoggs were presented to a ringside of some 12 buyers. Once again handy weight export hoggs (38-40kg) were the best to sell with top prices of 229p/kg for a pen of 42kg Texel x hoggs from Fishwick Farms, Silverdale and a top price per head went to a Suffolk x hogg from F I & M E Little, Barrows Green selling for £99 to A Dawson of Sedbergh. Mule and horned hoggs sold to a very similar trade as the previous week with well fleshed horned hoggs, 180-190p/kg and mule hoggs 180-185p/kg.

A smaller show of cast sheep were presented to the usual ringside of buyers and, once again, a very firm trade was seen for all classes of sheep with horned ewes being particularly sought after. Overall average £73.04.


PRIME HOGGS – Suffolk: £99 Helm Croft; £84 Brow Head, Hartrigg; £83 Crabtree Farm, Gibraltar Farm, Barker Knott; £82 Garnett Folds. Texel: £96 Bank House Farm; £95.50 Ivy House; £90 Beck House; £86 Garnett Folds; £85 Mutton Hall; £84 Weston Houses, Scroggs Farm. Cont: £87 Haveriggs Farm. Char: £88 Garnett Folds; £84 Hollin Wood. Chev: £88 Brow Head; £86 Croft Foot; £79.50 Salterwath Farm; £75 High Arnside. Mule: £78.50 Bank House Farm; £76 Moss Howe, Hollin Wood, Gibraltar Farm; £75.50 Barker Knott; £75 Crabtree Farm. Masham: £71 Hollin Wood. Horned: £70 Bank House Farm; £69 Bracken Hill, Middale Farm; £68.50 Hartrigg.

CAST SHEEP – Suffolk: £103 Redhills; £91 Ivy House. Cont: £90 Topthorn; £89 Poppy Farm; £85 (ram) Gateside Farm; £79 Todds Farm. Texel: £90 Lowgill Farm; £83 Millness Hall. Masham: £85 Ivy House. Mule: £89 Weston Houses; £86 Moss End Farm, Singleton Park, Topthorn; £85 Low House, Fairbank Farm. Swaledale: £70 Barrowfield; £57 Rydal Farm; £52 Hollin Wood. Rough Fell: £76 High Swinklebank Farm; £68 Gateside Farm; £67 Singleton Park. Leicester: £94 (ram) Rydal Farm; £94 (ram) £84 Town End. Teeswater: £82 (ram) Hollin Wood.

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