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Lancaster Monday 01/08/11

Posted Monday, 01 August 2011, 2.43pm



An increased entry of 2104 prime lambs sold to a strong trade above expectations with standard lambs (32kg-39kg) averaging 187.2p/kg and all weights and breeds averaging overall a very respectable 183.58p/kg.  The top price of 234p/kg was paid for a pen of ten 37kg Texel lambs from TR Prickett, Hutton Roof Hall and these were purchased for £86.50 by Roy Schofield on behalf of Samuel Howarth Ltd.  Top price per head of £94 went to R & DM Cardwell, Moss Side Farm for Texels purchased by Dunbia, Preston.  Well fleshed, well finished lambs selling to a premium.  

An entry of 139 cast sheep continue to sell at recent high rates with ewes to £107 for Texel x from HJ & BE Kelsall, Walnut Tree with meated ewes regularly selling for £84 plus and even plain hill bred ewes were selling for £58 plus.  Rams sold to £122 for a Texel from B & J Preston, Ellers Farm.  All cast sheep averaged £79.08.  More needed each week to meet buyers demand.   T

he prime cattle ring once again saw prices rise to levels above expectations with best butchers cattle regularly 190p/kg plus topping at 207.5p/kg (£1020) for a smart Blonde x heifer from Barbara Rayton, Winston selling to Bowland Foods Ltd, Preston. A further two heifers sold for over £2 per kilo.  

A similar entry of bulls met another strong trade with over half the entry breaking the £1000 barrier to a maximum of £1226 for a Simmental x from E & N Wright & Sons, Allcocks Farm.  Top price per kilo in this section was paid for a Limousin x bull from J & D Barton & Son, Calcalds Farm and this was purchased by G Blacklidge of Chorley for 188.5p/kg (£1048).    

Top Prices  
– Texel: £94 Moss Side Farm; £93 Mearsbeck Farm; £90 Curwin Hill; £86.50 Hutton Roof Hall; £84 North Farm; £83 Lundholme Farm.  Suffolk: £84 Walnut Tree; £82 Lentworth Farm; £79 Low Lodge; £78 Hallbeck, Lundholme Farm; £77 Tunstall Hall, Woodplumpton Lane.  Char: £90 Low Lodge; £79 Station Hotel; £77.50 Capernwray Hall; £76 Low Hall Beck.  Mule: £73 Yarlsber; £69 Isle of Skye Farm; £67.50 Brown Edge; £67 Over Houses, Long Streets Farm. Masham: £72 Yarlsber.  
CAST SHEEP – Texel: £122 (ram) Ellers Farm; £107 Walnut Tree; £104 Moss Side Farm; £98 Low Woodedge Farm; £91 Hutton Roof Hall.  Suffolk: £94 Lundholme Farm; £86 Clay Gap Farm.  Mule: £96 Burrow Heights Farm; £95 Lower Highfield Farm; £94 North Farm; £92 Green Bank Farm; £90 Gaskell House.  Chev: £89 Beckfoot Farm Cottage.  Horned: £67 Low Lodge; £55 Isle of Skye Farm.  Leicester: £75 Yates Farm  
PRIME HEIFERS – Blonde: 207.5p/kg Winston. Lim: 203.5p/kg, 195.5p/kg, 181.5p/kg Winston; 203.5p/kg, 171.5p/kg Old Croft.  British Blue: 199.5p/kg Winston.  Sim: 160.5p/kg Boon Town Farm.  Char: 187.5p/kg Winston; 158.5p/kg, 157.5p/kg Stirzakers Farm.
PRIME BULLOCKS – Sim: 159.5p/kg Boon Town Farm.  
PRIME BULLS– Lim: 188.5p/kg, 184.5p/kg Calcalds Farm; 179.5p/kg Far Orrest; 174.5p/kg Northwoods Farm.  Sim: 180.5p/kg, 178.5p/kg Larbreck Hill Farm.  British Blue: 182.5p/kg Allcocks Farm; 167.5p/kg Northwoods Farm.  Fr: 145.5p/kg, 141.5p/kg Boldens Farm; 136.5p/kg Yeat House.

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