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Kendal Tuesday 08/03/11

Posted Wednesday, 09 March 2011, 4.30pm

A smaller show of hoggs forward but a full ringside of buyers ensured an excellent trade for all classes forward. The best Continental x hoggs were well in excess of £2 per kilo. Hoggs 32-39kg averaged 196.2p/kg topping at 221p/kg for a pen of hoggs from Mr R Robinson, Millness Hall purchased by J Hadwin, Mansergh at £84. Hoggs 39-45kg averaged 193.2p/kg again topping at 221p/kg for Texel x hoggs from Mr B Bowness, Chapel Field and these were purchased by B Riley & Sons, Dunnockshaw for £88.50. Hoggs also sold to £92 per head for a pen of tremendous 42kg Texel x hoggs from FI & ME Little, Helm Croft selling to R Skelton. Heavy lambs were also in demand averaging 182p/kg & topping at £101 for Suffolk bred from W Rigg, The Orchard and purchased by Michael Lomax. Hill breeds also met a keen trade with Mule and Horned hoggs regularly in excess of 180p/kg.

A very plain show of ewes forward and many more could have been sold. The quality of sheep forward certainly reflected in the overall average of £55.23.

Earlier in the day 83 pigs were forward at the monthly sale and again several new vendors present. A total clearance was achieved despite buyers being very selective on breed and quality. Larger pigs sold to and beyond sellers expectations with in-pig Pietrain gilts selling to £110 from P Armer, Lune Valley Cottage. Smaller weaner and store pigs in-line with other centres.

A few more calves forward today with the top price bull being produced by DR & C Galbraith, Sunny Bank, the young British Blue x sold for £190. Top price heifer made £160 a Simmental x from MH & SJ Morris, Wraysholme Tower . Black & White bulls sold to £120 (6 w.o.) from B Wilson, Spout House.

PRIME HOGGS - Texel: £101 The Orchard; £95 MIllness Hall; £94 Heversham Hall; £92 Helm Croft; £89 Brow Head, Broad Head. Suff: £96 The Coach House, Well Foot, Helm Croft; £91 Mutton Hall. Mule: £80 Moss Howe Farm; £74 Old School House. Char: £86 High Low Wood. Cont: £79 Harry Place Farm; £72 Hollin Wood; £71.50 Viver Mill. Horned: £75 Moss Howe Farm; £74.50 Old School House; £74 Murthwaite. Chev: £72 Middle Sadghyll. Jacob: £66 The Coach House. Herdwick: £77 High Low Wood, Harry Place Farm.

LIGHTWEIGHT HOGGS - Texel: £70 Scroggs Farm, Mutton Hall. Horned: £60 Murthwaite; £58 Well Foot; £52 Middle Sadghyll. Herdwick: £56 Harry Place Farm; £54 Hollin Wood.

CAST SHEEP – Mule: £85 Middle Birkby Farm; £83 Graining Field; £80 Marsh House Farm, Toadpool Farm; £74 Green Close. Texel: £79 Millness Hall. Cont: £72 Millness Hall, Farleton House; £70 Marsh House Farm. Leicester: £91 (ram) Well Foot; £62 Marsh House Farm. Suff: £86 (ram) Well Foot; £70 Kirkett Nook. Swale: £67 Park Avenue; £61 Middle Sadghyll; £54 Well Foot; £53 Graining Field.

BULL CALVES – BRB: £190 Sunny Bank. AA: £90 Sunny Bank. Fr: £120 Spout House; £110, £40 Woodhouse Farm.

HEIFER CALVES – Sim: £160 Wraysholme Tower. BRB: £145, £140 Sunny Bank. Blonde: £100 Farleton House. AA: £105 Sunny Bank.

PIGS – Pietrain In-pig Gilts £110 Lune Valley Cottage. Welsh Boar £82 Pyes Bridge Farm. Saddleback x Weaners £19 Nissan Huts & Hazel Grove. Pietrain x Boar £90 Sinkfall. Large White Stores £55 Bascodyke. Sows In-pig £90 Hazel Holme Farm. Tamworth Stores £24 School House. Pietrain Weaners £38 Holme Head.

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