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Kendal Tuesday 06/03/12

Posted Monday, 07 March 2011, 11.57am


As hogg numbers start to tighten up around the area the best quality hoggs fall short of buyers requirements as once again a large proportion of the hoggs were hill bred types.  Trade peaked at £110 per head & 250p/kg for a pair of smart Texel x hoggs from FI & ME Little, Helm Croft.  Texels selling 210-220p/kg with plainer hill breeds 180-190p/kg.  Once again light weights were much sought after regularly round the £2 per kilo mark.  A pleasing overall sale average of 203.52p/kg was achieved.  

Cast sheep once again continue to maintain the high rates with ewes topping at £127 per head from R & J Dodgson, Cracalt.  Texel rams topped at £124 from R & E Ladds, Benson Hall.  Mule ewes regularly sold for £95-£100 but buyers were certainly very cautious of over fat ewes.  Leaner horned ewes also continue to look great with the very plain sorts £40-£50 and the better types £65-£70.  

– Texel: £110 Helm Croft; £90.50 Dawson Fold; £89.50 Mansergh High; £88 Broad Head; £84 Scroggs Farm.  Dorset: £91.50 Brow Head.  Suffolk: £97 Brow Head; £85 Moss End (Crooklands); £84 Dawson Fold.  Masham: £76 Low Greenriggs.  Mule: £88 Middale Farm; £66 Howriggs.  Horned: £79 Cotegill; £76 Middale Farm; £68 Sedbergh Road.  Char: £83 Cinderbarrow.
CAST EWES – Suffolk: £127 Cracalt; £124 Scargill Farm; £114 Patton Hall; £105 Howriggs; £96 Dawson Fold.  Cont: £122 (ram) Cooper House; £120 Woodside; £98 Low Garths; £93 Scroggs Farm.   Mule: £100 Cracalt Farm; £99 Scargill; £97 Howriggs; £95 Crabtree Farm; £94 Hallbeck, Hawkrigg End; £93 Mint View; £90 Deansbiggin, Patton Hall.  Swaledale: £67 Middle Sadghyll; £62 Well Foot; £52 Rydal Farm; £49 Graining Field, Yoad Pot.  Rough Fell: £86 Woodside; £66 Moss End (Crooklands).  Horned: £56 Town End.  Texel: £124 (ram) Benson Hall; £119 (ram) Deansbiggin; £117 Crabtree Farm; £102 Hallbeck; £98 Deansbiggin; £96 Howriggs.  Leicester: £110 Kit Cragg; £103 Middle Sadgyll.  Herdwick: £66 Moss End Farm (Lindale).  

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