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Kendal Thursday 17/03/11

Posted Friday, 18 March 2011, 4.38pm

Forty Purchasers at Kendal’s March Spring Show & Sale of Store Cattle

North West Auctions Kendal Mart are pleased to report a high quality entry of 302 store cattle and cast cows at the March Spring Show & Sale. Store Cattle were good to sell with forty purchasers represented ensuring that all types sold to full value with buyers keen to fill orders. Store cattle sold to a top price of £980 for Limousin x bullocks from JH Barker, Stribers Farm with others at £930 and Belgian Blue x to £890 from Mrs E Tuer, Common Farm. Heifers reached a top price of £760 for Limousin x from JE Wightman, Crabtree Farm with British Blues at £745 from MJ & JD Handley, Archers Hall. Young bulls were keenly competed for with Limousin x selling at £715 from M Robinson, Mountain View.

Earlier in the day the show was kindly judged by Mr David Anderson of Maryport. With sixteen show cattle presented in 3 classes there was no shortage of quality. The show Championship was awarded to DJ & EA Park, Hollin Hall Farm for a Limousin x bullock which later went on to sell for £900 to the judge Mr Anderson.
Mr Park also took the Reserve Champion with his second prize Limousin bullock and this was also purchased by Mr Anderson.

Show Results

Champion (1st Prize Bullock) DJ & EA Park, Hollin Hall
Reserve Champion (2nd Prize Bullock) DJ & EA Park, Hollin Hall

Photo above from left: Mr David Anderson (judge) with Mr David Park (vendor) and his Champion and Reserve Champion Show Cattle

Heifer Class

1st Clegg & Bennett, Tongue House £575 Lim
2nd JG & PH Tompson, Poppy Farm £590 Lim
3rd TK & B Gorst & Son, Mutton Hall £515 BRB

Bullock Class

1st DJ & EA Park, Hollin Hall £900 Lim
2nd DJ & EA Park, Hollin Hall £870 Lim
3rd Clegg & Bennett, Tongue House £680 Lim

Cast cows were forward in strength this week with 59 selling to a competitive ringside of buyers. Cows topped at 127.5p/kg for a Limousin x from GH Jones, Fold Farm with cows overall averaging 109p/kg. Black & White cows sold to 120.5p/kg and clean OTM heifers to 138.5p/kg from GW Robinson & Son, Moss End Farm.


STORE STEERS – BB: £980 Stribers Farm; £900 Hollin Hall; £870 Well Head Farm; £805 Ridding Side. Char: £760 Bowness Farm, Hartrigg; £665 High Wray Farm; £660 Skelwith Fold Farm; £590 Borwick Fold Farm. Blonde: £790 Bowness Farm; £700 Millbeck, Hartrigg. BB: £890 Common Farm; £775 Hall Bank. AA: £635 Cooper House; £500 Ashstead. Shorthorn: £890 Common Farm. Parthanaous: £700 Millbeck. Stab: £575 Cooper House; £490 Tock Howe Farm. BRB: £675 Mutton Hall; £625 Tongue House Farm; £615 Mountain View; £560 High Wray Farm. Fr: £590 Arklid.

STORE HEIFERS – Lim: £760 Crabtree Farm; £735 Chapel House; £720 Well Head Farm. Char: £665 Bowness Farm; £580 Tongue House Farm; £560 Hartrigg. Blonde: £670 Bowness Farm. BB: £745 Archers Hall; £740 Common Farm. AA: £430 Newoaks. Parthanaous: £540 Millbeck. BRB: £750 Archers Hall; £565 High Hallbeck; £530 Bank House Farm; £515 Mutton Hall.

STORE BULLS – Lim: £715 Mountain View; £710 North Lodge; £630 Hyning; £535 Low Garths Farm.

CAST/FEEDING COWS – Fr: 120.5p/kg Low Bracken Hall; 119.5 High Foulshaw Farm; 117.5 Jenkin Crag Farm, Kirkby Hall; 115.5p/kg Town Foot. Lim: 127.5p/kg Fold Farm; 124.5p/kg Fell House; 116.5p/kg Valley View. Char: 110.5p/kg Borwick Fold Farm. Hfd: 107.5p/kg Cooper House. Sim: 107.5p/kg North Lodge. BB: 114.5p/kg Cowan Bank Farm. AA: 99.5p/kg Cooper House; 98.5p/kg Moss End Farm. Shorthorn: 117.5p/kg Fell House; 107.5p/kg School House; 103.5p/kg Bank House Farm. Norwegian Red: 117.5p/kg High Foulshaw Farm. Swedish Red & White: 105.5p/kg Low Sizergh Farm. Devon: 111.5p/kg.

OTM CLEAN CATTLE – AA Hfrs: 138.5p/kg Moss End Farm. Fr Steers: 121.5p/kg Stribers Farm.

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