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Kendal Tuesday 29/11/11

Posted Wednesday, 30 November 2011, 11.28am


Once again another good show of 1,700 sheep forward for sale with a lot more hill breed lambs forward than last week and prices still remaining firm.  The best export type lambs were, once again, in good demand regularly 210-220p/kg topping at 224p/kg.  A top price head went to a pen of continental lambs from Messrs Carruthers of Underbarrow at £93 per head to Lancaster Meats.  

Cast Sheep. These were a firmer trade on the week with all classes of sheep being much sought after.  These topped at £118 for a Charolais Ram from Messrs Burrow of Silverdale and a Teeswater Rams to £109 from J A Bennett of Longsleddale.  Mule ewes were regularly £80-90.  Horned sheep were also very easy top sell with plain ewes looking particularly dear on the day.   A small entry of young Black & White bull calves topped at £35 from W Garnett & Son, Ackenthwaite.     

– Texel: £93 Red Scar; £91.50 Gibraltar Farm, Green Head; £90.50 Causeway Farm, Scarside Farm; £89 Oldfield End. Cheviot: £89 Croft Foot Farm; £88 Green Head; £87 High Borrowbridge.  Suffolk: £88 High House Farm, Ackenthwaite Farm; £87 North Farm; £86 New Close; £85 Birks Farm, Ninezergh. Charollais: £87.50 New Close; £86 Cooper House; £85 Myers Farm; £83 St Annes Farm; £81.50 Crooklands Farm.  Cont: £86 Ninezergh; £81 Ackenthwaite Farm. Mule: £85 Rydal Farm; £84 Strickland Hill; £82 Thursgill; £81 Mid Town House; £80 Lodge Farm. Masham: £82 Middale Farm; £80 Crooklands Farm. Lleyn: £81 Chapel Field. Horned: £75 Moorhouse; £74 Middle Sadghyll, Thursgill; £70 Ashbank.  
CAST SHEEP – Cont: £118 (ram) Gibraltar Farm; £100 (ram) Wray Farm; £92 Red Scar; £85 Mansergh High Farm; £84 (ram) Low Stennerley; £80 Crabtree Farm. Tees: £109 (ram) Middale Farm. Cheviot: £98 (ram) Greenleaze. Texel: £98 Kirket Nook; £84 Wray Farm. Leic: £95 (ram) Longwell. Mule: £90 Birks Farm; £85 New Close; £83 Ninezergh; £80 Kirket Nook.  Suffolk: £89 Ninzergh; £84 Redhills. Rough Fell: £83 (ram) Lockbank Farm; £77 Bracken Hill; £70 Low Fold; £69 High Swinklebank. Swaledale: £69 Woodside Farm; £65 Rydal Farm; £59 Strickland Hill. Masham: £65 Middale Farm.        

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